Operational model
The operational model integrates all operational activities specific to the downstream flow from acquisition of raw materials, supply chain, refining, to fuel products sale It brings a wider focus on the development of the business in order to provide improved benefits to our customers.
The reorganization of the Group operations into three business units targets greater flexibility and a better allocation of responsibilities, with significant impact on the overall results of the Group.
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Rompetrol Well Services


Rompetrol Well Services (RWS) is one of the leading companies on the specific market segment in Romania.

With an experience of over 60 years, RWS offers a wide range of specialized services for the oil and natural gas wells that include Cementing, Sand Control, Stimulation, Testing, Slickline, Nitrogen Services, Tubular Running and Tools Rental. Services are provided to oil and gas operators and drilling contractors, focusing on cementing, that represents 45% of total revenues.

Over the last years, the Company provided its services to over 40 oil companies and drilling contractors in Romania, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey.

The Operating Bases are fully equipped and permanently staffed with highly experienced personnel, trained by European specialists.

Annually, an average of 250 casing strings and liners, in depths ranges of 500m to 4500m are cemented by RWS and Stimulation services, ranging from acidizing and CO2 injection to nitrogen treatments.

Rompetrol Well Services oversees all ongoing projects from its main office in Ploieşti, Romania, offering technical support for 7 locations in Romania and abroad.

Find more details about Rompetrol Well Services on: https://rompetrolwellservices.kmginternational.com/en

Drilling Division

Oilfield Exploration Business Solutions coordinates the drilling and exploration activities of KMG International in Romania and abroad. Drilling activities were carried out in the exploration blocks: Focsani, Zegujani, Satu Mare, Gresu and Nereju, in Romania.

The Drilling division has gathered more than 40 years in providing equipment and professional services to the international oil and gas industry.

Over 550 wells were drilled and more than 150 workover services for wells were implemented in Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Greece.

At the same time, consultancy services for drilling, workover and mudlogging were provided in Kazakhstan, Senegal, United Kingdom, Sudan, Holland, Tunisia, Denmark, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Greece, Ecuador, India and in countries in the Black Sea region.


Services Portfolio:

  • Drilling oil, gas and water wells
  • Well completion and workover
  • Running casing and tubing strings
  • Mud engineering and consultancy for drilling and workover
  • Cementing equipment and tools
  • Pumping, testing and water wells sand cleaning
  • Geological consultancy
  • Rig management
  • Manpower provider


The Drilling Division is a member of:

  • International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) since 1985
  • Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors (RADC)