Operational model
The operational model integrates all operational activities specific to the downstream flow from acquisition of raw materials, supply chain, refining, to fuel products sale It brings a wider focus on the development of the business in order to provide improved benefits to our customers.
The reorganization of the Group operations into three business units targets greater flexibility and a better allocation of responsibilities, with significant impact on the overall results of the Group.
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Since its establishment in 2004, Rompetrol Quality Control (RQC) granted an ongoing support to its customers in identifying and implementing the safest and most effective ways to protect the environment and provide high product quality.  

Rompetrol Quality Control provides, through its 6 accredited laboratories, full tests for oil products (including bio fuels - biodiesel, bioethanol), water, soil, air, physical and chemical pollutants at workplaces, weather factors, environment and specific microclimates.

The tests made by RQC are recognized in over 70 countries, signatories of the international acknowledgment agreements (I.L.A.C, M.L.A., E.A.).

The company completed in 2010 the implementation of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) program, part of the strategy to automate and optimize laboratory processes and operations, being the first company in this field in Romania to adopt this program.

More details on: www.rqc.ro