Operational model
The operational model integrates all operational activities specific to the downstream flow from acquisition of raw materials, supply chain, refining, to fuel products sale It brings a wider focus on the development of the business in order to provide improved benefits to our customers.
The reorganization of the Group operations into three business units targets greater flexibility and a better allocation of responsibilities, with significant impact on the overall results of the Group.
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Rominserv Valves IAIFO

The biggest producer of cast iron steel valves in Romania

Ever since its establishment, in 1969, the company has specialized in the production and sale of a wide range of cast iron and steel fittings, used in the oil and gas industry, in refineries, the petrochemical field, water and steam transportation, as well as in other specific areas of activity (including the nuclear field).

The company is exporting annually around 35% of its production to Germany, Czechia, Italy, France, Austria and Bulgaria. Rominserv Valves Iaifo also continues to be an important partner in Romania for all major oil and gas companies.

In October 2004, ROMINSERV acquired from the Romanian State, through public tender, the assets of the former IAIFO Zalau. The industrial fittings production was successfully integrated in the ROMINSERV business, opening new markets and perspectives. At the end of 2011 ROMINSERV IAIFO Zalau became a single incorporated company, remaining a subsidiary of ROMINSERV.





Provider of polyethylene pipes and fittings


With 20 years of experience in the field, the company guarantees both high quality and prompt commercial services.

Palplast sells a wide range of pipes and fittings for water, sewage, gas and irrigation networks, and also various products for:

  • Water supply networks
  • Natural gas distribution networks
  • Crude oil transport networks
  • Sewage networks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Protection of cables and optical fiber
  • Water filtration systems 



Focus on consolidating Group core activities


In 2015, the national oil and gas company – KazMunayGas (KMG) made public its intention to sell its shares in Rominserv Valves Iaifo Zalau (100%) and participation shares in Palplast Sibiu (98.8%). The divestment process is part of KMG long-term strategy that implies the consolidation and development of the core-business assets.

These measures are included in the privatization plan of the participation shares, owned by Kazakh state through its sovereign investment fund “Samruk Kazyna”, which aims to strengthen economic principles by reducing state involvement in the economy, namely increasing the role of the private sector in economic development.


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