Operational model
The operational model integrates all operational activities specific to the downstream flow from acquisition of raw materials, supply chain, refining, to fuel products sale It brings a wider focus on the development of the business in order to provide improved benefits to our customers.
The reorganization of the Group operations into three business units targets greater flexibility and a better allocation of responsibilities, with significant impact on the overall results of the Group.
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KMG International has developed an extensive and efficient supply chain network, which ensures a solid link between the resources in Kazakhstan and the competitive markets in Europe.

The strategic location of our main assets in Midia Port, near Constanta allows fast supply of crude oil to our refinery Petromidia through our own offshore marine terminal located 8.6 km out in Midia Port of the Black Sea.

At Petromidia refinery, the supply chain infrastructure consists in primary logistics (trains, vessels) that transport fuels to the six depots of our distribution companies in Romania or near abroad and then by secondary logistic (trucks) to the end consumers. ​

The onshore Midia Port terminals allow shipping of oil products to our subsidiaries in Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, as well as to other traditional partners in the Black Sea region.

Logistics in Romania


One of the main initiatives of KMG International to consolidate and improve the supply chain activities in Romania is the modernization and automation of the fuel loading-unloading systems of the local depots and Petromidia refinery terminals.

At the beginning of 2018 the project was implemented in all depots in Romania and in our five terminals of the Petromidia refinery (loading platforms for railways, LPG loading, Ship loading etcetera).

The implementation of the program contributes to:

  • Reducing the fuel loading-unloading time by 30%;
  • Reducing the technological losses;
  • Automating the verification and issuance of related documents;
  • Providing traceability and real time stock management.

Planning, Optimization and Support Operations


The planning and optimization department permanently improves the operational scheduling targeting to increase the refining margins as well as to optimize the inventory management of the two refineries of the Group.

The support operations consist of  contracting activities and optimization of the planning within Petromidia refinery and the two distribution companies of the Group in Romania (Rompetrol Downstream and Rompetrol Gas).


  • Optimization of the feedstock supply and the operational capacities of the three production units (Petromidia provides semi-finished products to Vega refinery and feedstock for the petrochemicals division);

  • Management of the commercial offers of petroleum products and exchanges between Petromidia, Vega refineries and petrochemicals division; 

  • Allocation of the finished products per most profitable channels;

  • Optimization of the inventory throughout the supply chain.



  • Improvement of the daily and weekly schedule of vessels, trains and trucks in all three production units (Petromidia, Vega, petrochemicals division);

  • Optimization of the demurrage costs in Petromidia;

  • Sales support for Rompetrol Downstream and Rompetrol Gas wholesale and retail segments;

  • Inventory management at Petromidia refinery.