KMGI Scholarships 2018 Program

The KMG International Scholarships program 2018 has officially closed and the jury has selected the winners for the 100 scholarships. You may find the final list of winners here.

The 2018 scholarship program is addressed to the most noteworthy students, as part of our tradition to support education and foster the ambitions of our future generations of specialists in Oil & Gas.

We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great Romania and reinforce our commitment to performance and education in Romania, motivated by the strong roots of our Romanian brand.

100 scholarships will be granted to the candidates with the most prominent profiles through a rigorous selection process: 50 of the scholarships will be awarded to students from the company’s apprenticeship program, based on their performance, while the remaining 50 will be awarded through the grant call (25 for high school students and 25 for university students). 

High school and university students from Ploiesti, Constanta and Bucharest, currently enrolled in the following specialties are invited to submit their application for the scholarship call:

  • High school level: chemistry, mechanics, electricity, automatizations.
  • University level: chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, power engineering, oil & gas specialties (petroleum and gas engineering, petroleum technology and petrochemistry, petroleum processing and petrochemistry), economics, constructions. 

September 15 – October 15: Registration period – submission of applications
October 15 – October 25: Jury analysis 
October 26: Announcement of scholarship recipients
November – December 2018: Reception of scholarships in full value

Evaluation criteria:
As we aim to select performance-driven individuals, our evaluation process will be based on academic results, as well as motivation and non-academic activities, as described in the application letter (which will include a financial justification for the scholarship).

What we are looking for:

  1. You should have the average academic score above 8 (applicable for all years of study– high-school or university)
  2. A strong desire to build a career in the energy sector
  3. Highly motivated, fast learner and enthusiastic individuals
  4. Involvement in extra-curricular/volunteering activities is considered a plus.

If you require more information regarding our scholarship program or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Applications will be evaluated by a mixed jury.

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