We foster diversity and cultivate equal leadership

We have built a diverse and balanced work environment based on values like inclusion, equality, mutual trust and cooperation. Employees community includes over 17 nationalities, mostly Romanian, Georgian, Moldovan, Kazakh, French and Spanish. The diversity and stability in our human resources reflect the successful path of our business.

We protect the rights of our employees, care for their well-being and provide a professional development platform. Our aim is to optimize employees’ benefits which will reinforce corporate values.

We continually strive to provide the safest work environment

We are determined to create a work environment in which the risks could be avoided at most times, if not eliminated. This aim is met through a constant risk evaluation and the implementation of safety measures.

Our policies, procedures and practices create opportunities for each and every employee to develop professionally regardless of gender, nationality, age or any other factor protected by law.

Corporate values


Our success stems from a well-defined set of values.


We place the highest priority on the needs of our employees. Our actions are always determined by their dynamism, contemporary spirit, creativity and experience.



We are a trustworthy worldwide partner and a valued corporate citizen. We are honest with all our stakeholders and take responsibility for our actions.



The strength of our business stems from our firmness of will and our determination to succeed and deliver excellence in everything we do.



Both us  and our partners adhere to all the national laws and regulations governing the environment and proper management of resources, wherever we operate.



Through developing profitable business and active engagement with the local communities, we aim to ensure that our business practices contribute to long-term economic and social development.



We are committed to quality in everything we do and we strive to continually improve.



We use our experience, technology and perseverance to offer products and services at higher standards and we are committed to leadership in all our actions.