E-nergy– Three quarters of the gasoline produced in the largest refinery in Romania is exported

Whereas Romanian market prefers Diesel fuel, 79% of the gasoline produced at Petromidia last year was exported. Besides the markets neighbouring Romania, the gasoline from the refinery on the shore of the Black Sea reached Turkey and even Lebanon. 


Petromidia Refinery, the largest in Romania, produced last year 3.77 million tons of auto fuel, gasoline and Diesel, according to the data in the annual report of Rompetrol Rafinare Constanţa for 2016, recently published. 


The product mix reflects the requirement at national and international level: of the 3.77 million tons in all, 2.52 million tons represented the production of auto Diesel fuel and only 1.25 million tons the production of gasoline. 


Since the Romanian market mainly prefers Diesel fuel, 56% of the Diesel fuel production went on the domestic market (1.41 million tons) and the difference of 44% that is 1.11 million tons, to export. With the gasoline, the situation is reverse: of the 1.25 million tons to come out of the refinery’s gates, only 21,%, that is 268,000 tons went on to the Romanian market, and 79%, that is over 981,000 tons to export. 


“The quantity of auto fuel sold in 2016 increased by approximately 9% to that of 2015, showing a significant increase of 25 % on the gasolines and by approximately 2% on Diesel fuel. The ration of gasoline on the total of auto fuels was of 29 % in 2015 and of 33 % in 2016; the difference of 71 % in 2015, respectively 67% in 2016 was represented by the sales on Diesel fuels”, as the company’s report shows. 


“The sales on the external market had as destination the Community area as well as the non-Community one. The intra-Community deliveries increased in share in 2016 (approximately 36% of the total of the finished goods sold), more than in the previous year (30%)”, shows the report. 


On the external market, “sales increased compared to the previous year, especially in the group of gasolines, as a result of the increase of the volumes transacted on the regional markets (Greece, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova) and also due to entering other markets as well”, it is also mentioned in the report. 


To remember that in Georgia, Bulgaria and Moldova, Rompetrol is already present with their own network of distribution stations, and the company is under analysis in order to take over a chain of petrol station in Turkey. The report also mentions Lebanon as a market for the gasoline produced at Petromidia.


Rompetrol Rafinare had in 2016 a historic production, and recorded a turnover of 8.77 billion lei and a net profit of 70 million dollars. The company is the largest exporter of oil products in Romania and the second exporter at national level. 


The Rompetrol Group, owned by the national company for oil and gas in Kazahstan, KazMunaiGas, operates a network of more than 1,000 supply units, in Romania and Georgia, Bulgaria and Moldova.


Source: http://e-nergia.ro/trei-sferturi-din-benzina-produsa-in-cea-mai-mare-rafinarie-din-romania-se-exporta/