For 5 years we are "Together for each and everyone"

The Rompetrol Group launched the 5th edition of the National program for social responsibility “Together for each and everyone” dedicated to the development of local communities. In the period 2009-2012, the Group extended a grant in the amount of USD 1 million and supported the implementation of 71 projects in the health and environmental protection fields, the direct and indirect beneficiaries of which being more than 250,000 persons.


"The figures motivate, but what make us go forward with this program are people, beneficiaries of the projects to be supported and implemented through local partnerships.  We provide the involvement platform and a lot of implication, but without help of those who care about the community they are part of, our work would be in vain. Rompetrol is right there where the community aware a need and is ready to provide all means in order to decide it. Each registered project means a conscious community and that means evolution", states Alexey Golovin, the Group’s Communication Director.


So, till 2 June, NGOs, local authorities, public institutions, natural persons with civic attitude and entrepreneur spirit could register on the program site any projects in the health and environmental protection fields.  The novelty of the edition of this year is the addition of a new field, that of innovation in health and environment with funding of RON 100,000. The other two budget categories are RON 15,000 (for educational projects) and RON 45,000 (for projects providing the renovation and equipping of medical units or conservation activities and maintaining available environmental conditions at a local level).


All projects will be judged by a joint commission formed of representatives of Rompetrol and specialists of NGOs. At project evaluating the jury will take into consideration the social motivation, the number of persons influenced by this issue, the number of community volunteers that could be involved in this problem settling. Also, the applicant should establish a partnership with local authorities and prove common long-term commitment in order to develop and maintain the project results that make the subject of the application.  All registered projects could be voted, as well, on the website and on Facebook program page. The jury will give marks from 1 to 5 and the public vote will account 25% of the final grade.


The periods of judging and evaluating registered projects in field will circle on July 8 with the specification of grant winners. The effective implementation of selected projects should be realized by the end of 2013.


The National program “Together for each and everyone” was launched in 2009 as a part of the platform of corporate social responsibility “Energy comes from the heart” through which are annually implemented  projects in the health and environmental protection fields, those two directions being supported by The Rompetrol Group.


The company will continue the traditional partnerships with the civil society in 2013, as well; including – commitment to SMURD Foundation, which provides a part of RRC Jet A1 fuel needed to operate helicopters SMURD, support to Civil Society Gala (where Rompetrol was as the partner and the main sponsor during 9 editions), 10 years of collaboration with “Ovidiu Rom Association” (which militates for school programs and materials, uniforms, free hot lunches for children from low income families, law application in the sphere of education and child rights etc.).





Information on The Rompetrol Group: The Rompetrol Group is a multinational oil company with the headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with the majority of its operations and assets in France, Romania, Spain and South-Eastern Europe. The main activities of the Group are in the refining and marketing/sale of petroleum products and in additional operations, as well – exploration and production, oilfield services, EPCM, transportation etc.


Providing operations in 12 countries, The Group intend to became one of the major oil companies in Europe and obtain a stable position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea areas in order to ensure a steady supply of raw materials and products at European standards and to meet customers’ needs.