Kazakh author Abay Kunanbayev translated for the first time in Romanian

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania, with the support of KMG International, releases “The Book of Words” by Abay Kunanbayev at Nemira Publishing House, this being the first Romanian translation of the author. The book, translated by the Russian philology Professor Antoaneta Olteanu, will be officially launched at Gaudeamus International Book Fair from Romexpo, taking place between the 14th and 18th of November.

“Abay Kunanbayev’s The Book of Words is one of the representative literature pieces of Kazakhstan’s culture. We share with the Romanian readers the joy of releasing this book close to the celebration of 100 years of Romania and 27 years of independence of Kazakhstan, as an acknowledgement of our cultural bond and our common values. You will discover a marvelous book full of life wisdom, emotional turmoil and irrefutable truths from a great thinker, philosopher, poet and illuminator of the Kazakh Central Asian Culture of the 19th Century” – explained H.E. Daulet Batrashev, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

 “In the past years we have proven our commitment to support the Romanian economy and successfully consolidated the partnership between Romania and Kazakhstan through our projects and partnerships. At the same time, cultural heritage plays an important role in strengthening our bonds, and we supported the release of Abay Kunanbayev’s “The Book of Word”, as a reminder of the universal moral compass we share, regardless of our different cultural roots” - Alexey Golovin, Vice-President of KMG International.

 “The Book of Words” is a philosophic work, a collection of poems and teachings about the Kazakh people. Abay Kunanbayev tackles in his artwork values such as education, literacy and good morals as tools to fight against obsolete morals and corruption. Across his 45 teachings that make up the book he criticizes social injustice and lack of education, touches upon the difference between the essence of the human spirit and the morals of the people during his time, revealing the true, non-material, meaning of life.

The book is available in Humanitas and Cărtureşti bookstores across the country, at a price of RON 29.99.

KMG International has developed, for more than 8 years, projects that promote the Romanian culture and identity in Kazakhstan (through partnership with Dacia Association – founded by Kazakhs of Romanian ancestry, living in the Karaganda region from Kazakhstan), as well as the Kazakh culture in Romania through events such as the Kazakh Film Festival (fourth edition in 2018), Astana City Festival at the village Museum Dimitrie Gusti. The Group supports and promotes, through the partnership with organizers of George Enescu International Contest - young talents, laureates of Kazakh origin of the George Enescu International Competition (Erzhan Kulibaev - violin, Amir Tebenikhin - piano).

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