More than 100 tons piece of equipment transported to Petromidia Refinery

Rominserv, the general contractor of the Rompetrol Group, has started recently a special transporting operation of a more than 100 tons piece of equipment having a length of 17 meters. The unit is a part of the Petromidia Refinery program of increasing the processing capacity. The total amount of the equipment reaches 1 million USD. The term of finalizing this job is estimated to be on the end of the month.


“Setting of the plan and of necessary details in order to transport this column having significant dimensions was a challenge for our engineers, who managed to identify innovative technological solutions for sea transporting of the equipment. An exemplary mobilization, as well as thorough analysis of all obstacles and variables will provide the movement in fully safe conditions and without affecting the activity of the refinery”, Bogdan Oslobeanu declares, Rominserv General Manager.


In the first stage the column will be shipped by sea from the Constanta Naval Shipyard to the Midia Port and the transportation towards Petromidia platform will be done on a special trailer having 24 meters in length. In order to get to the assembling point, as well as for overcoming obstacles within the refinery, the column will be lifted using a high capacity crane.


The C300 Column – column of rapid discharge – is a part of the Delayed Coker Unit of the refinery and is the first one of this type in Romania. It is a part of the investment program of increasing the processing capacity of Petromidia Refinery up to 5 million tons. The estimate value of the program is more than 377 million USD and it has to be finalized this year.





The system was designed in order to take over and process vapor and liquid flows, arising from the stages of coking cycle of coke drums, as well as for the improvement of the production flow and reduction of operational costs. At the same time the DC Unit will considerably contribute to the decrease of the refinery mark upon the environment and will increase the level of safety during operation.


Rominserv is the general contractor of the Rompetrol Group, supporting the development of its refining, marketing and trading operations and activities, as well as providing support for additional operations – exploration and production, oil services, EPCM, etc.


In 2011 Rominserv had a turnover of 225 million USD and the total value of projects executed in 10 years of activity within the Rompetrol Group is amounting over 850 million USD.


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