Official opening of the Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Kazakhstan

On September 13th, the official opening of the Honorary Consulate of Georgia in The Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda Region, took place at the Boxing Center in Karaganda ”S. Sapiev”. 


The Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of Georgia in The Republic of Kazakhstan, Zerab Abashidze, the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Karaganda Region, Zhanat Tussupbekov, the Vice-Governor of Karaganda Region, Almas Aydarov, the Representative of the business environment of Georgia, Ivane Chartishvili, and other representatives of the regional and municipal authorities, of the economic and cultural important environments participated in the event.


Saluting the Honorary Consul, Mr. Abashidze emphasized that the friendly relationships between Kazakhstan and Georgia have developed during many years. 

”Kazakhstan, one of the most dynamic developing states in Central Asia, is an extremely important strategic partner for Georgia. Even since the establishment of the diplomatic relationships, our countries have set a mutually advantageous and reliable collaboration, have consolidated the friendly historical connections between the two nations, have extended significantly the bilateral legal framework and the economic and commercial relations. I emphasize that during 2005 – 2016 the gross afflux of direct investments from Kazakhstan to Georgia amounted to USD 343 mio.”, this one added. 


The event was organized as a business forum, within which the future directions of the collaboration between the representatives of the business environment of the two states were analyzed.  

”At present, Karaganda Region, same as decades ago, is one of the industrial centers of Kazakhstan. Business is developed actively in the region, new production capacities are opened and new partnerships are built with the regions of Kazakhstan and the companies abroad. Within the KMG International project we develop the activity within the territory of Georgia in the trade field of oil products and rendering of other services under the Rompetrol trademark – Georgia. During all these years, we have made many friends, consolidating significantly our relationships with the Georgian people” – emphasized in his speech the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Karagand Region, Zhanat Tussupbekov.


The main goal of the Consulate is to promote the cultural, touristic and commercial exchange, meant to increase the quality of the products acquired and of the services the people of Karaganda Region.

”Summer vacations, visiting the historical places, the bio products and drinks of Georgia, loved by everybody, must be accessible directly to the population of Karaganda Region” said Zhanat Tussupbekov.


”Karaganda Region, the biggest as territory and industrial potential, presents a huge interest for the collaboration with the business environment of Georgia. By its economic, cultural and scientific potential and by the infrastructure developed, the region occupies the leader position in RK. Therefore, the opening of a consular institution and the appointment in the position of Honorary Consul of Georgia in Karaganda Region of the esteemed Zhanat Tussupbekov will lead to fostering the closed relationships between the representatives of the business community in our countries” concluded Zurab Abashidze. 


During many decades, friendly relationships have been built between Kazakhstan and Georgia. Both states represent strategic partners one to each other. At present, up to 170 companies with Kazak capital are registered in Georgia.  


Zhanat Tussupbekov has a solid professional experience in managerial positions, having spent the past 11 years in the oil and gas industry. Since May 2012, Mr. Tussupbekov is holding the position of Chief Executive Officer of KMG International N.V., being also a member of KMG International Board of Managing Directors.


Since 2013, Zhanat Tussupbekov has been the president of the Weightlifting Federation in Kazakhstan, and in May 2017 he has been elected in the position of Vice-president of the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation). The ”KMG International” companies group also ensures the permanent assistance and support to the Weightlifting Federations of Georgia, Romania and Kazakhstan.