Petromidia refinery is operated according to the applicable law in occupational safety

In the context of the checks announced by appropriate authorities regarding working conditions in Rompetrol Rafinare, member of KMG International, is the company states that Petromidia refinery is operated according to the applicable law in occupational safety and a healthy climate is being ensured for the employees. The industrial platform is aligned to the national and European standards of security and occupational safety. 


KMG International Group as the owner of Petromidia and Vega refineries complies with all legal obligations concerning security and occupational safety of employees, paying special attention to ensure operational safety and health of employees. In this regard, since 2010, the company invested over 120 million USD in building new units and in the modernization, upgrading and automation of existing units, i.e. those who have a high operational risk (coker and gas desulphurization units). The investments led to increasing the level of operational safety and improving the working conditions for employees.


As a result of these investments and in the context of the applicable law regarding jobsrelated to special working conditions, there are no positions falling under special conditions on Petromidia platform. Taking into account the internal analysis of the company and the feedback of employees, the company intends to reevaluate the possibility of classifying the positions in the coker and gas desulphurization units to fall under special working conditions starting 2017. 


Also, Petromidia refinery constantly monitors the operational parameters of the units on the industrial platform, complying with the national and European environmental regulations. It is the first refinery to receive the Integrated Environmental Permit in 2013 for a 10 year period. The permit established the operating conditions, level of emissions into the atmosphere, water and soil, as well as the waste management measures, etc.


The company will provide the documents requested by authorities, in case specific control actions will be carried out at the Petromidia refinery.


The investments made by KMG International and its sole shareholder KazMunayGas, the National Oil and Gas Company of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the purpose of increasing the production capacity and for refinery modernization amount to over 1.4 billion USD since 2007. Petromidia refinery is the largest and most modern facility in the country ensuring over 40% of Romania’s refining capacity.


During the past years, the performanceof Petromidia refinery have constantly increased and reached the level of the best refineries in central and south-eastern Europe. Petromidia is the only refinery in Romania situated on the Black Sea shore. As a result of the investments it reached a capacity of 5 million tons per year. Through the petrochemicals division, Rompetrol Rafinare is the sole local producer of petrochemical products, with an annual capacity of over 200.000 tons of polymers (polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE). Vega refinery is a producer and supplier of special products (ecological solvents, bitumen with special destination, etc.). By synergy with Petromidia refinery, the raw materials provided by Petromidia are processed to obtain special products with high added value. 


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