Promising tests at the Rompetrol Group wells in Satu Mare

The Rompetrol Group, through its Upstream division, has recently finalized the drilling of two exploration wells at the Satu Mare perimeter (localities Mădăraş and Moftinu), production tests indicating the presence of some hydrocarbons deposits.


“These preliminary results confirm seismic analysis and prospecting previously carried out by the company in respect to this deposit, but in order to assess the resources and the reserves of free gas other analysis and specific works are necessary. Going to the next stage presupposes new investments and it is conditioned by both the tome, necessary for obtaining the agreement of the state profile authority and the approval itself”, Gheorghe Georgescu declares, the General Manager of Rompetrol SA.


Executed within a partnership with Winstar, a subsidiary of Winstar Resources Canada, both wells on the Satu Mare block have shown promising results for the Moftinu 1000 well (meters) and negative results for Mădăraş 109 well (meters). In order to continue assessing the discovery and expanding the prospecting Rompetrol and Winstar will design the geological working program for the next period.
The Satu-Mare block has a surface of 3,000 sq km and has been awarded to Rompetrol SA since 2004. Presently, the Group is titleholder in 5 exploration perimeters – Satu Mare, Zegujani, Gresu, Nereju and Focsani.


For the exploration of zones with oil-bearing potential in 2009-2010 The Rompetrol Group has invested over 5.5 million USD in seismic acquisition and processing and carrying out of geological studies.


The Upstream division of The Rompetrol Group comprises Rompetrol SA (founded in 1974), through the departments of Exploration – Production and Drilling – Workover Services, and Rompetrol Well Services (founded in 1951), a company specialized in well services (cementing, consolidation operations and packing, stimulations, testing, instrumentations, case running operations, etc.).


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