Rominserv, 2.1 million USD project at Lehliu

Rominserv Company, the general contractor of Rompetrol Group, recently concluded an agreement with Prio Extracţie, a company member of the Portuguese group Prio SGPS S.A., for the construction of four vegetal oil storage tanks, the value of the project amounting to approximately 2.1 million USD.

“It is an important partnership for Rominserv, where we will be able to use the know-how related to certain similar projects carried out between the two refineries of Rompetrol Group, Petromidia and Vega. Also, the expertise and the experience acquired in the 8 years of activity as general contractor of the Group represent an important advantage for the consolidation of the company’s presence on the domestic and international market”, declared Victor Popovici, Operations Manager of Rominserv.

The tanks are part of the development project of the vegetal oil extraction plant in Lehliu and shall have a nominal capacity of 4,000 cubic meters, the works deadline being estimated at the end of August. These shall be built as a “turnkey project” – design, supply, transport and commissioning.

“The vegetal oil extraction plant is a major investment for the activity of the PRIO company and for this reason we appreciate and count on the contribution of our collaborators. Their competence and professionalism will ensure the success of this project and we are glad to include Rominserv company in this teamwork”, declared Hugo Antunes, Project Manager, PRIO Extractie.

By means of this project, Rominserv shall continue its collaboration with Prio Group after 2008, when the company carried out repair services for the biodiesel factory of the Portuguese group. The company carried out similar construction and modernization projects of tanks with a capacity up to 50,000 cubic meters at the Petromidia refinery.

At the moment, the company is implementing infrastructure projects amounting to more than 2.85 million USD (sewerage, supply, rehabilitation and expansion of the drinking water networks), on the increase as compared to the volume of similar works of 2009 (approximately 1.8 million USD). The company has three branches in Romania (Năvodari, Ploieşti and Zalău) and two subsidiaries (Palplast Sibiu and Rominservices Therm Mangalia).

Rominserv estimates for 2010 a turnover of approximately 212 million USD, 20% more as compared to the financial indicator recorded in 2009, which amounted to approximately 177 million USD. At the end of 2008, the company opened a subsidiary in Kazakhstan, Rominserv Kazakhstan, which reached a turnover of 60 million in 2009.