Rominserv, part of Shymkent refinery modernization, Kazahstan

Rominserv, part of Rompetrol Group will provide consultancy services in the management of Shymkent refinery modernization, Kazakhstan. The value of the project is about 1.6 billion USD. 


The company will provide mixt consultancy services for the project management, engineering, procurement and supervision of works execution in the frame of an 8 million USD contract till the end of 2015. “Rominserv’s experience in the modernization of Petromidia Năvodari and Vega Ploieşti refineries, its involvement in similar projects at refineries from Kazakhstan - Atyrau and Pavlodar allowed us to extend our services to cover the Shymkent refinery. The company provides works and services in three important projects in Kazakhstan, contributing to the capacity increase and the transition from euro 2 to euro 4/5 standards and constructing the integrated petrochemical platform in Atyrau”, stated the General Director of Rominserv, Kanat Bekmurza.


Shymkent refinery, located in the southern part of Kazakhstan belongs to the Petrokazakhstan Oil Products – PKOP Company (a mixt company, belonging to KMG and CNPC 50:50) has a refining capacity of 5.2 million tons per year. The modernization of Shymkent refinery is a strategic project that will be carried in two stages and regards the production of high quality fuels according to euro 4 and 5 standards, as well as increasing the refinery capacity to 6 millions of tons per year. Built in 1985, Shymkent is the newest refinery in Kazakhstan and covers 30% of the country’s refining capacity. 


Rominserv has also concluded a contract for providing consultancy services for project management and personnel training for the Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries (KPI) Inc. project regarding the construction of the integrated petrochemical platform in Karabatan, Atyrau region and the EPC contract for the Pavlodar refinery modernization. Rominserv, the general contractor of Rompetrol Group supports the development of refining, marketing, trading, exploration and production, petrochemical services, EPCM and transport. Rominserv has acquired the activities and experience of Rompetrol SA (founded in 1974, with ample projects in Turkmenistan, Russia, Iraq, Serbia, Yemen, Sudan, Angola, Egypt, Jordanian, Mozambique and UAE). 


The Rompetrol Group is fully owned by the national petroleum and gas company of Kazakhstan – KMG and is represented in 12 countries most of the company assets are concentrated in France, Romania, Spain and the South-East of Europe. The company is involved in refining activities, marketing, trading, exploration and production, petrochemical and industrial services. The Rompetrol Group intends to become one of the most important petroleum companies in Europe, in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea regions. In 2012, the Company recorded a turnover of 10.8 billion USD.


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