Rompetrol – approximately $ 7 million for Efix quality guarantee

Rompetrol Downstream, Rompetrol Group’s Retail Division allocated approximately $ 7 million this year, for the development and implementation of an unique system (Advanced Quality Control) to guarantee the quality of Efix fuels.

“The guarantee of Rompetrol fuels’ quality, from the refinery gates all the way to the client’s car tank, is a new step forward taken by the company towards meeting its clients’ expectations. This is a logical step if we are to take into account the fact that in 2003 Rompetrol was the first company in Romania to sell exclusively Euro standards fuels. The new system ensures both an increase in quality safety for Rompetrol fuels and a total control over the Efix fuel distribution.” says Eric Kish, Retail Vice-President Rompetrol Group.

Advanced Quality Control System allows the marking of the Efix fuel on molecular level and its full monitoring during transportation and storage. Therefore the risk of fuel alteration or fraud tentative is zero.

The marker used in the process does not change the fuel’s properties and quality, as it is a colorless substance that cannot be repelled or reproduced. In other words, it’s like a « digital fingerprint », that can be verified in all distribution gas stations, with mobile laboratories measuring the fuel’s purity.

The second component of the system is the capability to monitor the entire distribution chain, by means of electronic seals and GPS systems on each fuel transportation and storage unit. As such, the Rompetrol Control Center monitors 24/24 hours the route of the fuel from the moment of its upload in transportation tanks until it reaches the end client, at the pumps.

The system ensures a close surveillance of each transportation tank’s route, validates stops on the route in gas stations that need refill, the correct connection of the tank’s compartments with fuel reservoirs in gas stations. In addition, any deviation such as stops at points not marked on the route or any unauthorized intervention over transportation tanks, is signaled to the Control Center by triggering an electronic alarm.

Advanced Quality Control was developed in partnership with Global Fluids International (GFI), world leader in fuels and petroleum based products molecular marking, and HiGTek, internationally well know for its know-how in electronic sealing systems.

“Having Advanced Quality Control system implemented, the company also offers the client the possibility to register in the QProTek-t program, through which Rompetrol guarantees a within-optimum-parameters functioning of the car’s fuel supply system, given a constant and exclusive usage of Efix fuels, gas or gasoline.” ads Eric Kish.