Rompetrol Gas, a USD 11 million investment in Bacau county

Rompetrol Gas, the trade division of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) of The Rompetrol Group, opens up the third LPG bottling facility in Romania, following a total investment of 11 million US dollars. The facility is located in Bacau county, town of Itesti, 18 km from the city of Bacau.

"By completing this investment, Rompetrol Gas carries on its plans to consolidate and develop the LPG bottling and distribution network also for the North-Eastern part of the country, as in 2008 the company opened a similar facility in Arad for the Western part of Romania. Apart from these two facilities, there is also the one in Constanta for the South-eastern area, located in the vicinity of Petromidia refinery“, said Veron Toma, General Manager of Rompetrol Gas.

With an annual LPG bottling capacity of 20,000 tonnes and a storage capacity of 1,500 m3, the new plant in Bacau has 17 employees, indirectly supporting other approximately 50 jobs (suppliers, subcontractors, builders, etc.).

In Romania, Rompetrol Gas currently operates a number of 258 skids and over 6,000 gas cylinder outlets, out of which 7 skids and 250 outlets are located in Bacau county. The company is also present in Moldova, where it has a network of LPG distribution stations, gas cylinder outlets, a bottling facility, as well as storage facilities in Ungheni (for Western imports) and Tirnova (for Eastern imports).

For this year, Rompetrol Gas estimates a turnover of approximately USD 165 million, 13% higher than in 2009, when the company recorded a turnover of USD 145 million. In addition, the company expects a net profit of USD 2.3 million in 2010, compared to USD 870,000 in 2009.

At the same time, the retail division of The Rompetrol Group - Rompetrol Downstream operates about 800 filling stations in Romania, 11 of which are located in the same region (four own gas stations, three Partner and four Express stations – an investment of about USD 4.7 million).