Rompetrol Group supported the implementation of 2 healthcare projects in Bucharest

Rompetrol Group, by their social responsibility program – “Together for each and every one” supported the implementation of two health care projects by an investment of RON 135,000, in two hospitals in Bucharest - Sf. Pantelimon and Maria S. Curie.


“These two initiatives complete the logistic and functional cooperation of two exceptional medical centers in Bucharest, focused on the problems of prematurely born babies and, most of the times, with severe diseases. The equipping of the departments with high performance devices and the training of the medical personnel in specialized centers abroad respond to the acute current needs of the public health sector” - Alexey Golovin, Communication Manager of Rompetrol Group declares.


The project of The Sf. Pantelimon Hospital – „Let`s give a chance to premature babies” involved the equipping of the neonatology department with high performance incubators and the renovation of an echography cabinet (replacement of windows, door, sanitation, replacement of moquette, sanitary ware) and the equipping with equipments and furniture. Additionally, 2000 guides for pregnancy and counseling of parents with prematurely born babies were edited.


“Due to the support obtained from the company and to the contribution of the volunteers -25 medical personnel, the more than 3500 babies born each year and their mothers now receive adequate health care services and better information” – Dr. Gheorghiţa Sărdescu, head of department and project coordinator.


The Maria S. Curie Hospital, the beneficiary of a support of 90,000 RON, aimed at implementing for the first time in Romania the ECMO medical technique (extracorporeal oxygenation by using a membrane oxygenator), addressed to the neonatal patients with severe respiratory and heart diseases who are not responsive to usual reanimation means. The grant covers the purchase of the necessary components for the treatment of the patients (estimated at 7/year) – the dedicated ECMO circuits, Carmeda cannulas, Lilliput oxygenators, dialyzes filters etc. and the training for 6 medical personnel in a center in Leicester, UK. Also, in the next stage of the project a telemedicine system will be implemented (video cameras, video-audio devices, streaming of network equipments) for the organization of courses and the extension of the ECMO technique at national level.


“The project addressed to a small number of patients each year, of up to 7 patients; we believe that the impact of providing such techniques will be notorious for our department, our hospital and our country. A survival rate of even 80% is possible for a well trained team, out of the 7 patients each year, currently deaths. At the same time, it is the joy of a team to develop health care services of excellence level in their own country. As the doctors in the entire country visit our department to learn top medical techniques, we believe that the same will happen with the ECMO technique, which will be able to be promoted in the specialized departments in the country” – Dr. Cătălin Cârstoveanu, project coordinator.


The two projects in Bucharest were selected in the fourth edition of the national program ”Together for each and every one”, together with other 14 environmental and health projects. So far, 10 of them have been completed.