Rompetrol has successfully completed the evacuation process of its employees from Libya

The Rompetrol Group has successfully completed the evacuation operations of the personnel from Libya, the last people arriving in the country this morning.

 "We thank our employees and their families for the courage they showed, but also for confidence in the company's efforts to evacuate them. Furthermore, we appreciate their efforts to preserve and secure facilities, both for further future activities, and to avoid any incident, "said Gavit Kurkimov, Vice President of Business Development division of Rompetrol Group.

The evacuation operations of the 62 employees have been hampered by the extending of the incidents and the temporary closure of air space, and also by the large distance of about 500-1100 km between the work camps related to oil fields and extraction points (Tripoli, Benghazi).  The camps are in the vicinity of cities such as Awbari (about 150 km from the conflict zone Sabha), Zillah or Awjilah (500 km from Benghazi).

With its own resources and also with the support of partners in Libya, The Rompetrol Group has managed the transfer of the employees from the oil fields to the points of extraction and from there they arrived in Romania with the support of the Romanian state authorities.

Rompetrol Group wishes to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Defense and the Consular Section in Tripoli both for establishing and maintaining regular contact with company representatives for correct information on the Romanian personnel situation in affected areas and also for their support in carrying out activities evacuation of the Romanian citizens.

The drilling services division of The Rompetrol Group has activities in Libya since 1976 and currently operates in five locations - including Tripoli, which is the headquarters.