Rompetrol introduces the new Efix fuel line also in Bulgaria

The Rompetrol Group has introduced also in Bulgaria the new Efix fuel line (Efix Diesel and Efix Gasoline 95), created especially to protect the engine and improve your car’s performance. The new fuel line is available starting this week in all 55 Rompetrol Bulgarian gas stations.

“Upon the success registered by the Efix line in Romania or on international markets as Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, the Rompetrol Group decided to continue its strategy of providing its clients with quality products and services, by launching Efix also in Bulgaria. Moreover, the Group is analyzing the possibility and opportunity to introduce the premium Alto line in Georgia as well, this being already present in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova”, says Titov Buzescu, the Rompetrol Group Retail Manager.

The Efix fuel line was introduced in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the fuel line (Efix Gasoline 95 and Efix Diesel) fully complying with the latest European Union quality and emission standards, Euro 5. Efix Diesel and Efix 95 Gasoline were tested by international specialized institutes, both under laboratory and traffic conditions, proving its quality and benefits for the engine.

The optimum blend of additives and active compounds of Efix are developed to clean up deposits, protect the engine against corrosion, optimize its behavior and minimize the fuel consumption. Moreover, tests performed by companies as Lubrizol or BASF, on engines having various capacities and supplied by different manufacturers confirmed the advantages of the new Efix Gasoline 95:

• Fuel saving tests revealed that consumption drops by 1% after the first Efix fill; continuous use leads to a up to 3% drop in consumption;

• Thanks to the special detergent in its composition, Efix removes deposits from injectors by 13% right from the first fueling operation, while continuous use translates into complete cleaning;

• Efix contains a package of special additives that remove up to 57% of the calamine deposits (residue arising from burning fuel in internal combustion engines) and maintains the system comprising injectors, valves, and combustion chambers clean by continuous product use.

At the end of 2009, the Rompetrol Group was operating a total network of approximately 1.100 fuel stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, France and Spain.

Rompetrol Group

Rompetrol Group N.V. is a multinational oil company, with headquarter located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2009 Rompetrol Group N.V. is 100% property of KazMunaiGaz. The company operates in 12 countries such as France, Romania, Spain and other countries in South-Eastern Europe.

Rompetrol Group aims to position itself as one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe and to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean regions. The company owns two refineries in Romania - Petromidia and Vega.

The group has entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. Rompetrol Bulgaria Ltd. had a rapid growth on the local market, covering a significant share of the wholesale market and developing a network of 55 gas stations and a modern depot in Ruse.