Rompetrol opens its first gas station with charging points for electric vehicles

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail company of KMG International, opens the first gas station with electric vehicle charging points, on Sos. Chitila 128A, Bucharest, thus showing the commitment of the Group for sustainable solutions in a rapid changing world of hydrocarbons.


“The global tendencies and business transformations from the oil & gas industry are subjects we closely follow. Even if the market of electric cars in Romania is at an early stage, we cannot ignore the international preoccupation of diversifying sources of energy, and we seek to embrace new technologies in order to develop our range of products and services and satisfy customers’ needs, while at the same time showing our care for the environment.” – says Vlad Rusnac, GM Rompetrol Downstream.


The new Rompetrol fuel distribution station follows the modern brand visual identity and is in line with the Group’s retail strategy of improving and diversifying the products and services offered to the end consumer, while integrating innovative technological and sustainable solutions.


Among the elements which aim at protecting the environment we mention LED illumination inside and out, vapor recuperation filters at the fuel pumps in line with EU regulations, KPS fuel pipes with a double lining which prevents the oil to penetrate the pipe wall and to produce oil leakages.


The fast charging electric station respects the strategic program of Romania as part of the EU endeavors in the field of alternative energy, being a sustainable project meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fueling costs. 


The electric charging point has one alternating and two direct current points of 22 kW, thus being compatible with any series car sold in Europe and Asia. Due to the new technologies, 2 cars may be charged at the same time; one 100% electric vehicle being capable to load the battery at 80% of its capacity in just 20 minutes, compared to 7-8-hour time if loaded at a regular snuff. The electric charging service is offered for free to all Rompetrol clients holding electric or hybrid cars.


This gas station is part of an investment retail package of $10 million to be completed by the end of 2017, which include the construction of 8 gas stations with charging points of 50kW for electric cars.


According to APIA - 1183 electric and hybrid cars were sold in Romania at the end of December 2016, compared to 496 units in 2015.


From 2014, when the gas stations rebranding project was initiated, until 2017, the total value of investments of KMG International in the retails sector exceeds $70 million. 



About KMG International


Owned by KazMunayGas Kazakhstan, KMG International conducts major operations in refining and petrochemicals, retail, trading, upstream and industrial services in 11 main markets. In Romania, the Group operates Petromidia Năvodari refinery, with a processing capacity of 5 million tons per year, Vega Ploiesti Refinery – the oldest unit of its kind in operation since 1905, but also a fuels distribution network of over 740 distribution points, 230 LPG stations, 9,000 cylinders distribution points, 3 LPG filling stations and 6 warehouses.

The overall investments realized in Romania by KMG International amount to USD 4 billion, while the contributions paid to the state budget amount to over USD 13 billion, in the period 2007-2016.