Rompetrol provides a 14,000 US dollars support for the rehabilitation of Tulcea Botanic Garden

The Rompetrol Group through its program of corporate social responsibility Together for Each and Everyone has supported the rehabilitation and equipping with solar panels the Botanic Garden from the city of Tulcea. The total investment reaches 14,000 USD.

“The implementation of this very special project in Tulcea reminds us that our mission as people is to protect biodiversity in all its forms and to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment where we conduct our activities.

The volunteers represented an example of civic mobilization and, at the same time, they were the promoters of some responsible actions which aimed at renovating this natural monument and giving it back to the community”, declares Alexey Golovin, Communication and Marketing Director of The Rompetrol Group.

The environmental project implemented in the period August, 15 – December, 01 meant extensive works of greenhouses’ modernization – rehabilitation of metal structure and painting of the walls, mounting of polycarbonate doors, soil replacement in the pots and plants’ repopulation. Simultaneously a heating system was installed based on solar panels which will allow am efficient temperature control at reduced costs. The panels produce a quantity of energy sufficient for a space of 180 m2.

The works have been done with the help of 2 volunteering engineers and 10 workers from the Botanic Garden. As well, 50 pupils of Pedagogic Highschool got involved in performing some informative activities within the community on topics of environmental protection, usage of alternative energies, biodiversity and sustainable development.

“The reconditioning of the greenhouse provides necessary conditions for the conservation of some rare or valuable species of plants and the use of alternative energies significantly reduces costs during winter period and protects the environment. After these modernization works the greenhouse will get the attention of a greater number of pupils and visitors to the Botanic Garden, even in the cold period of the year, both for performing practical activities and spending of leisure time in a natural framework. In the future in this green laboratory we will organize many more seminars for education of Tulcea community in environmental matters”, declares Violeta Jenaru, the project coordinator and teacher of biology at Henri Coanda School.

Annually, the Tulcea Botanic Garden is visited by 7000 persons, mainly pupils from the city schools.