Rompetrol Quality Control invests in making laboratory tests more efficient

Rompetrol Quality Control (RQC), the laboratory division of the Rompetrol Group, has recently completed the implementation of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) program, which is part of the company’s strategy to automate and optimize laboratory processes and operations. The total investment amounts to approximately USD 220,000, RQC being the first company in this field in Romania adopting this program.


„The program sustains RQC’s intention to provide support to its partners for identifying and implementing best-performing technical solutions, required in order to increase the environmental protection level and the quality of products. By obtaining real-time information, LIMS will allow an improvement in the precision of products and the results of tests made by the company”, says Ruxandra Nicola, General Manager of Rompetrol Quality Control.


LIMS provides the computerization of activity in the company’s laboratories (collection, analysis and transmission of results), by offering the platform required for connecting the laboratory equipment to the management and reporting programs. This will allow an increase in the operational efficiency, by providing easy and rapid access to the laboratory data stored, increase in the processed quantities and the information archiving speed, reduction of calculation and processing errors, as well as improvement of the quality control or the traceability of results.


„RQC is one of the top companies in the field of laboratory tests in Romania, and by purchasing state-of-the-art equipment necessary for carrying out and interpreting laboratory tests, the company will continue to meet the highest quality standards in the European Union. For the next year, the company has planned to maintain a turnover similar to that reached in 2009 (approximately USD 6.1 million), and, in case the specialized market shows signs of recovery, a maximum 10% increase in the financial indicator”, Nicola adds.


Established in 2004, Rompetrol Quality Control provides, through its 6 accredited laboratories, full tests for oil products (including bio fuels - biodiesel, bioethanol), water, soil, air, physical and chemical pollutants at workplaces, weather factors, environment and specific microclimates.


Consequently, the tests made by RQC are acknowledged in over 70 countries in the whole world, which are signatories of the international acknowledgment agreements (I.L.A.C, M.L.A., E.A.) concluded by RENAR.


By continuing the process of accrediting new testing methods and consolidating the relationships with international research centers (Spain, England, Netherlands, U.S.A.), RQC has managed to provide high-quality services to all its customers, both from inside the Rompetrol Group (biodiesel tests, tests for establishing the quality of low-sulfur products – under 10 ppm), and to those outside the group, especially in the field of environmental protection (establishing the content of benzene in water, air and soil).