Rompetrol – support 28,000 USD worth for two medical units from Sibiu county

The Rompetrol Group through its national program of social responsibility “Together for everybody” has supported with approximately 28,000 USD modernization and rehabilitation of two medical units from Sibiu county: the pediatric psychiatry ward of the hospital “Dr. Gheorghe Preda” and medical dispensary in Micăsasa village.

„We appreciate the interest of the authorities and involvement of volunteers and medical staff in carrying out of such projects needed to increase the quality of medical care in the Sibiu county. The Group is a part of this community, both through the activities carried out in this county (Palplast Sibiu and Rompetrol Dowsntream) and the support amounting 14,000 USD granted last year for modernization of a ward of the Pediatric Psychiatric Hospital”, declares Alexey Golovin, Communications and Public Relations Director of The Rompetrol Group.

Health projects implemented in the period August, 15 – November, 20, 2011 involved rehabilitation works and equipping. Through the help of 50 volunteers the hospital benefited of modernizing 12 observation wards, halls, treatment ward, psychologist’s office, playing room, occupational therapy room and storage.

At the same time, the rehabilitation program of the rural medical station has been sustained by 30 volunteers from the local community and consisted in purchasing and mounting of a heating boiler, repairing of walls, replacement of windows and doors, equipping with medical facilities. As well, in the station it was arranged a living space for the medical doctor, who was daily travelling 120 km in order to treat the patients.

“The village of Micasasa is a disadvantaged area and the majority of population is over 60 years old – they could not travel for purposes of getting medical assistance. The renovation of the station was done not only for the sake of senior citizens. In parallel we conducted a medical education program in the schools of neighboring villages and children were extremely receptive to help and tell everybody what did they learned”, says Dr. Daniela Tarba, project coordinator and family doctor in Micăsasa.

These projects implemented in the Sibiu county have as beneficiaries 4.000 patients which are receiving the medical care those in two units – 3.000 in Micăsasa and 1.000 childrenfrom psychiatric hospital.

About “Together for Everybody”

The social responsibility program, began in 2009, is designated for development and involvement of local communities through initiating, supporting and performing of projects in the field of health and environment protection. From the debut of “Together for Everybody” The Rompetrol Group has supported local communities from all counties of the country in carrying out 55 projects, that helped to improve people’s life.

The Rompetrol Group
Communications and Public Relations Department