Rompetrol supports SMURD Foundation

The Rompetrol Group, the General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAV) and Fundaţia pentru SMURD have joined within a partnership for supporting air emergency interventions, the movement of medical personnel and the transportation of victims.

In this cooperation, the Rompetrol Group, through Rompetrol Rafinare Constanta, will provide in 2010 a monthly amount of 30 tons of Jet A 1 fuel, the quantity estimated for the operation of the two helicopters in Bucharest and Târgu Mureş, the total value of the support provided amounting to approximately USD 240,000.

“The cooperation with SMURD is a special project for Rompetrol, as we are committed to contribute at the public safety and health of the communities where we are operating in. Within this partnership we will cover the entire 2010 fuel consumption for the helicopters which serve the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication. In this way we support the activity of the emergency medical services in Romania, by facilitating air medical interventions and saving lives. This initiative is part of Rompetrol social responsibility platform, “Energy comes from your hearth”, which comprises the national program “Together for each and everyone” and other specific environmental and healthcare projects”, declares Saduokhas Meraliyev, General Manager of the Rompetrol Group.

“We consider that the involvement of Rompetrol in supporting the activities of SMURD represents the beginning of a collaboration of great impact which will definitely lead to life savings. The aerial activity of SMURD is one designed for saving critically ill patients and necessitates rapid intervention and high competence. This activity would not have been possible without the direct collaboration with the General Inspectorate of Aviation and it would be more consistent through the support offered by Rompetrol”, declared Dr. Raed Arafat, President of Fundaţia pentru SMURD.

Starting with 2008, the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) has carried out air emergency interventions at national level, thus contributing to the transportation and saving of approximately 1670 injured persons.

The General Inspectorate of Aviation has an important contribution to these SMURD type actions by operating the 2 helicopters, as well as by ensuring rapid access to the interventions by using all its territorial structures.