Rompetrol supports the implementation of 16 social health and environment projects in 11 counties

The Rompetrol Group has finalized the selection of 16 projects within the framework of the social responsibility program “Together for Everyone”. The implementation of the projects will be carried out till the end of the current year. The overall budget assigned for projects’ supporting amounts 250,000 USD.


“The program is widening year by year through ambitious projects with sustainable results, meeting the needs of our social partners in health and environment areas. We are glad that in this year too we will support over 50,000 people from a number of geographical regions, facing difficult problems. The value of financing for every project varies from 45,000 up to 90,000 RON”, declares Yerzhan Orynbassarov, Senior Vice President of The Rompetrol Group.


In this forth edition of “Together for Everyone” there were subscribed (by local authorities, NGOs, hospitals, schools) and judged 141 projects (71 health and 70 environment). Out of total number there were selected 11 projects in the field of health and 5 in the field of environment to be implemented in 2012.


The judgment of the projects, submitted in the period April, 02 – May, 27, 2012, was done by a mixed team composed of company representatives and representatives of the non-profit sector during May, 28 – June, 1. The judgment was performed in two stages and consisted in assessing the every project on the basis of a asset of criteria and visiting the site of 35 applications, ranked depending on the jury appraisal and votes, gained on the internet site and Facebook social network.


Activities, proposed for the projects that are going to be implemented this year in the field of health, are as follows: rehabilitation and equipping of units, providing medical services and auxiliary activities of public health in rural and urban areas, and in case of environmental projects: conservation and maintaining / improvement of environmental conditions existing on local level through different actions (mounting of solar panels, recovery of degraded lands, arrangement of green spaces, etc.).


The winner projects are from Alba, Bihor, Botoşani, Călăraşi, Constanţa, Dolj, Mureş, Prahova, Sălaj, Suceava counties and from the municipality of Bucharest.


The national program “Together for Everyone” was launched in 2009 as a part of the corporate social responsibility platform The Energy Comes from the Heart, through that annually there are implemented projects in the field of health and environment protection – the two domains supported by The Rompetrol Group. During 2009 – 2011 the company has assigned more than 750,000 USD in order to implement 55 projects in all regions of the country and 200,000 were direct beneficiaries of these projects.


As well, the Company in 2012 also continues its traditional partnerships with civil society, amongst them being the commitment in front of the SMURD Foundation, according to that Rompetrol Refining provides Jet A1 fuel for operating SMURD helicopters, supporting of the 2012 Civil Society Gala (where Rompetrol was partner and main sponsor for 8 editions), collaboration with the Ovidiu Rom Association (association pleading for school programs and materials, uniforms, free-of-charge hot dinners for children coming from poor families, applying of legislation in the field of education and children’s rights, etc.).