Scheduled operational at Rompetrol Rafinare

Rompetrol Rafinare will halt operations for a 15-day duration, over 15-30 April, for scheduled operational proceedings (periodic regeneration of catalyst within the catalytic reformation installation).

“This is normal procedure, required to maintain and boost quality standards of our products. The interval was established in compliance with installation former operation, and oil products supplies to Rompetrol Rafinare clients won't be affected and will be provided from refinery stocks,” stated Cosmin Turcu, Rompetrol Rafinare CEO.

Over said duration, Rominserv, the General Contractor of The Rompetrol Group, will complete a series of refinery investment projects pertaining to the program aiming at boosting refining capacity up to 5 million tons of feedstock by 2009. The projects include fitting modular cooling columns, on-line analyzers, high-performance governor valves, and furthermore optimization of certain processes/installations upon studies carried out jointly with Solomon Associates (world leader in benchmarking services for the refining industry) and KBC Process Technology of the UK.

Total works value is some USD 5.5 million.
Rompetrol Rafinare last year marked a record in terms of processed feedstock and reached a real utilized capacity of 3.7 million tons vs. 3.26 million tons  in 2005 and 1.15 million tons in 2000, prior to being taken over by The Rompetrol Group. Said vast volume of processed feedstock was possible thanks to the considerable investments carried out through previous years.

Moreover, last year Rompetrol Rafinare posted a 23% turnover rise against the 2005 figure, up to USD 2.65 billion*.

* - unaudited financial consolidated results drafted by the company in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)