The Rompetrol Group announces the winners of the “Together for Each and Everyone” 2010 Program

The Rompetrol Group finalised the selection of 20 projects within the social responsibility program named “Together for each and everyone”; their implementation will take place by the end of the year 2010. The budget allocated to the projects implementation is of USD 300,000.

“Although the Together for each and everyone project has only been created 2 years ago, it was a tremendous success. Compared to 89 applications received last year, this year we’ve had 509 requests coming from the health and environmental sectors. Their selection was difficult, since all the applications start from the real needs of the local communities. The difference was made by the proof of the social entrepreneurial capacity of the applicants, as well as by the capacity to catalyze all members of the community, who act as both implementers and beneficiaries of the projects”, Oana Năstase, Communications and Corporate Affairs Manager of Rompetrol Group, declared.

The “Together for each and everyone” program offered to the NGOs, local authorities and people with a civic attitude and entrepreneurial spirit the possibility to register in the period of April 9th – June 13th, 2010 projects for the development of the communities to which they belong. Thus, 509 projects (323 in the health field and 188 in the environmental field) have been registered and evaluated, while 13 projects in the health field and 7 in the environmental protection field have been selected for implementation.

The activities proposed for the projects in the health field are: the rehabilitation and equipping of the units ensuring medical services and auxiliary public health activities in the rural or urban environment, and in the environmental protection projects: the conservation and maintenance/improvement of the environmental conditions existing on a local level through different activities (installation of solar panels, construction of ecological treatment plants, landscaping, etc.).

The winner projects are located in the counties of Alba, Arad, Argeş, Bacău, Bihor, Braşov, Buzău, Caraş-Severin, Constanţa, Galaţi, Hunedoara, Mureş, Sălaj, Sibiu and in the city of Bucharest. They can be visualised at the "Impreuna pentru Fiecare" blog address.

The Rompetrol Group continues to be actively involved in 2010 in the support of the vulnerable sectors of the society through projects developed in the health, environment protection and education fields. We will mention here the partnership with the SMURD Foundation, through which Rompetrol ensures in 2010 a monthly quantity of 30 t of Jet A1 fuel, the estimated quantity necessary to operate the two SMURD helicopters in Bucharest and Târgu Mureş, (the total value of the aid being of USD 240,000), the support of the Civil Society Gala 2010 (where Rompetrol was a partner and a main sponsor in the 8th edition as well), the collaboration with the Ovidiu Rom Association (which pleads for school programs and materials, uniforms, free warm meals for the children coming from low income families, the implementation of the education and children’s rights laws, etc.).

On the Rompetrol Group:

The Rompetrol Group is a multinational oil company seated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, having the majority of its operations and assets in France, Romania, Spain and South-Eastern Europe. The main activities of the Group are performed in the refining and marketing/sale of oil products, as well as in additional operations – operation and production, oil services, EPCM, transport etc.

Performing operations in 12 countries, the Group intends to become one of the most important integrated oil companies in Europe and to obtain a solid position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea basin, in order to ensure a constant flow of raw material and products at European standards, in agreement with the consumers’ needs.