The Rompetrol Group supported the implementation of two community projects in Sălaj county

The Rompetrol Group, through its social responsibility program - "Together for each and everyone" supported by an investment of 90,000 RON the implementation of two environment and health community projects, in Şimleu Silvaniei and Zalău towns.


"The results of these two projects show that the structure of the program meets the needs of community member, bringing added value and contributing to the sustainable development of society as a whole" - says Alexey Golovin, Communication Director of TRG.


The two initiatives carried out from August through November with the help of over 120 volunteers aimed at renovating and equipping medical polyclinic in Şimleu Silvaniei and the rehabilitation of green space for Ion Creanga Kindergarten in Zalau.


The environmental project aimed at greening and terracing a plot of land of 7,000 sqm, rehabilitation of domestic and rainwater sewage, arrangement of land access routes by applying asphalt and constructing wood fences, upgrading sports area with appropriate equipment that meet current regulations and the needs of 300 preschool children enrolled within kindergarten in Zalau.


Also 8 competitions and community work seminars on environmental issues were held, being developed in partnership with the City Hall of Zalău. "Our action has a positive impact on the school and the wider community – it is a good practice example and lesson for Salaj children who are now playing outdoors, in a suitable arranged space, with care and respect for nature "- states Prof. Emilia Negru - project coordinator.


In Şimleu Silvaniei the project aimed at bringing the medical polyclinic to the sanitary standards – by space reorganization for toilets, dressing rooms, sterilization room, waste warehouse and by undertaking specific works of plastering, insulation, furniture equipment. Additionally, through a partnership with students from the National College Simion Barnutiu, cleaning and planting actions were conducted in the park nearby.


"Together for each and everyone is an idea that can be implemented in all local communities. We should expect others to have the job done for us, we must all get involved to solve a problem. This project gave us the opportunity to prove that we can do positive things if there’s a desire and commitment, and we now have a clean working and treatment space "- Dr. Teodora Mirică, project coordinator Şimleu Silvaniei.


In Salaj The Rompetrol Group is present through the cu member company IAIFO Zalău (industrial production of iron and steel reinforcement bars), warehouses and a gas station.