Winter diesel gas from Rompetrol Downstream

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of the Rompetol Group, offers its clients two new types of Diesel gas for the cold season: Efix Diesel and Super Diesel Euro 5, at prices similar to the ones for summer.

Winter fuels are available in all stations operated by the company (own stations, Rompetrol Expres and Partener Rompetrol) and contain special additives which render the car to operate better at low temperatures and also eliminates the risk of filter glut. These types of Diesel gas ensure optimal functioning of the engine at temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Through its lab division – Rompetrol Quality Control, Rompetrol performs periodical analysis and continuously monitors the technical specifications of the fuels in its stations and warehouses. In case of client complaints the company may decide to do supplementary checks over the fuels.

The winter gas was first introduced in the Rompetrol stations in the 2004 – 2005 season, and as of 2005 - 2006 the company offers 2 types of products with special characteristics for the cold season.

Presently, Rompetrol Downstream operates a network of over 350 gas stations countrywide, being the first company in Romania that sells Euro standard fuels ever since 2003.