Retail Network Development



Another avenue for investment is the development of the Retail Network. The Kazakh Romanian Energy Investment Fund plans to develop 66 new stations during a 5 years implementation timeline, thus extending its Retail Network from 18 stations currently acquired to 84.

The new filling stations will be operated under the Rompetrol brand and standards and will lead to the creation of more than 1000 new jobs, with a significant number of people being involved in various development stages (design, execution, building) and commercial activities. The fuel will be supplied by Rompetrol Rafinare -  the largest of its kind in Romania and one of the most advanced in the Black Sea region.

The Fund, via the investment driver (SPV) - KMG Rompetrol Development SRL owns 20 fuel stations operated under Rompetrol brand.

See more details in the press release. 

Check below the videos illustrating how a station is actually built.