As of today, Rompetrol Downstream trades biofuels as well

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of the Rompetrol Group, distributes a new type of diesel containing 2% biodiesel in its gas stations network and warehouses. This is the second company of the Group supplying biofuels, after the green fuel Super Ethanol E85 was included in the filing stations operated in France (Rompetrol and Dyneff) in May.

The new fuel containing 2% biodiesel is based on Efix Diesel, protects the vehicle’s engine, complies with the European quality standard EN 14214 and ensures, at the same time, a decrease in the hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emissions. As of today, the new product can be purchased from the company’s warehouses and starting July 1st it will be also available in all more than 350 stations operated by Rompetrol Downstream.

“As it is a biodegradable and non-toxic fuel, resulting from renewable sources, we may say that the biodiesel is very likely to become the fuel of the future. We have to take into account the fact that the mixture of diesel containing biodiesel in proportion less than 7,75% may be used without having to adjust or modify the vehicle”, states Dan Roşu, Rompetrol Downstream General Manager. 

This is part of Rompetrol’s strategy to supply high-quality products and services, while observing the European regulations on environmental protection.

Further to the achieved investments, the Rompetrol Group, through its companies, may also produce and trade Euro 5 diesel containing 2% biodiesel, a compulsory measure in Romania as of 2009.

Rompetrol allocated almost $7 million in 2006 for the start of the Automated Diesel In Line Blending Installation, which ensures a high-quality for the supplied products and biofuels.

At the same time, Rompetrol Quality Control (RQC), the Group’s laboratory division is the first Romanian company which is authorised to carry out the necessary analyses assessing the biodiesel range of the oils resulting from raw vegetal materials (sunflower, colza) as well as of the fuels containing this adjuvant (diesel of biodiesel type).

The types of fuels available as of July 1st in the entire Rompetrol network shall include: Efix (lead-free octane 95, standard Euro 4 gasoline which protects the engine), Efix Diesel containing 2% Biodiesel (standard Euro 4 which protects the engine), Premium E4 (octane 95, standard Euro 4 gasoline), Super Euro 98 (lead-free octane 98, standard Euro 4 gasoline) and Super Diesel Euro 5.