Dyneff France – new development plans

”Dyneff has a “physiognomy” that allows it to play an important part, of growth, on the French market” says Laurent Sancier, the new general manager of Dyneff France, a company member of the Rompetrol Group. His plans aim the development and growth of the group’s activity in France and Spain.

Aged 52, Mr. Sancier took over the management of Dyneff after he priory held the position of retail general manager for France and Benelux with Shell . With over 29 years experience in the oil field, Laurent Sancier was also responsible for oil products distribution operations in Great Britain, France and Africa. 

“We must take into account the fact that some of the major operators withdraw from the distribution market and focus on their main activity: exploration – production, leaving the distribution of the expansion areas to independent companies like Dyneff. For example, the concession during the next years of approximately one hundred gas stations on highways will allow us to respond to such requests for offers and to be present at national level”, says Laurent Sancier.

Dyneff presently holds an important share on the fuel distribution market in Southern France. The purchase by the Rompetrol Group last January of the entire share capital, associates Dyneff to an important European oil group and presently allows it to adopt an ambitious development and expansion strategy. Accordingly, Rompetrol and the French subsidiary Dyneff launched in May the first gas station under Rompetrol brand on the French motorway network,  at Arzens, near Carcassonne.

This year’s strategy forecasts the opening of 10 gas stations under Rompetrol brand in France. This coincides with the introduction on the French market by means of Rompetrol and Dyneff gas stations network of the green fuel super ethanol E85. By the end of 2007, more than 10 gas stations will be equipped for the distribution of such bio-fuel thus sustaining the intents of the French government in this field.

About Dyneff
The first company in the area Languedoc-Roussillon, with a turnover of 2,3 billion euro in 2006, Dyneff holds 22% of the fuel distribution market in the southern France and 4% at national level. Dyneff yearly trades little over 2.800.000 square meters of the oil products by means of a network containing 185 Dyneff gas stations (from which 7 gas stations located on highways), 15 distribution subsidiaries (from which 4 located in Spain) and 27 storage locations representing more than 400.000 m3. By the end of 2007, Dyneff / Rompetrol network will provide its clients with more than 10 distribution locations for super ethanol E85 fuel. 

About TRG
The Rompetrol Group N.V. (TRG) is one of the first 25 multinational oil companies in the European Union, according to revenues. TRG is headquartered in Netherlands and most of its operations and assets are located in France, Romania, Spain and South-Eastern Europe. TRG stands for a connection point between the eastern oil resources and the western sale markets, ensuring a constant flow of raw material and responding to the consumers’ needs for products at European standards. The Group is active primarly in refining and marketing/downstream, with additional operations in exploration, production and other services for the oil industry. The Group has more than 8000 employees in 13 countries. TRG aims to become one of the greatest independent oil companies in Europe and to contribute to the European energetic security by obtaining a strong position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea areas.