Ecomaster, a 2.5 Million USD Investment in Prahova County

Ecomaster, the ecological services company of the Rompetrol Group, recently completed the first construction phase of the industrial ecological park from Aricestii Rahtivani (Prahova County), and the related investment is to amount to about 2.5 million USD.

„Ecopark is part of the development strategy of the Ecomaster company, aiming at identifying and supplying integrated solutions for the solving of its clients’ environment issues. Thus, the park is to supply full ecologization services of the industrial waste, and its collection, treatment and storage is to be performed according to all the internal and international norms for the prevention and protection both of the population from the area, and of the environment” states Romulus Ilie, the General Manager of Ecomaster.

The park has a full designed capacity of one million cubic meters (4 cells of 240,000 mc) and a surface of 14.5 hectares, and currently the company completed a 35,000 mc module (15%) for the first cell. According to the clients’ requests, the implemented solution allows the progressive development of the park, and the total value of the investment necessary for the reaching of the projected capacity amounts to about 12 million USD.

The company estimates the collection and treatment of an annual quantity of about 60,000 -70,000 tons of industrial waste, taking into account the lack of the compliant storage locations, as well as the need of the economic operators to benefit from integrated ecological services. Moreover, the modern technologies developed by Ecomaster might allow the future recovery of a part of the total quantity of treated waste, and their re-usage in future industrial processes.

„This investment meets the efforts of the local authorities, and of the economic operators to find a storage solution for the industrial waste in this highly industrialized area. This is the reason why we have supported the development of this project, and we are sure that the benefits of Ecopark a will be shortly visible both on the environment, and on the development of the local communities due to the fees and taxes paid so that they can carry their activity in our county” claims Mihai Faca, the Public Manager of the Prahova County.

Ecopark has performant monitoring and control systems for the performed activities, but also strict operating procedures so that the investment mainly benefits the area, as well as the protection of all the environment factors from the region. Thus, the company has recently initiated a study referring the current state of the area, and it is to periodically draft environment reports, having as reference the values of the initially analyzed indicators.

During the last years, Ecomaster aimed at the expansion of its services towards third parties, estimating that, during the next years, this strategy will increase the percentage of the non-group incomes to over 50% of the total revenues, as compared to the current 30%.

The investments made by the company between 2008 – 2010 reached a total value of 4.5 million USD, and have targeted at the development of their own waste treatment technologies, and especially of the integrated solution, Ecopark. These investments affected the turnover of the company, which in 2010 was estimated at about 8 million USD.