Ecomaster is developing a unique environment technology for the domestic market

Ecomaster – Servicii Ecologice, company of the Rompetrol Group, is developing for the first time in Romania a specific hazardous waste neutralization and disposal technology. In a subsequent phase, the process will include the decontamination of fields altered by these wastes, thus being rendered back to use, following specific ecologic actions.

 The new technology is achieved by the research – development team of Ecomaster and required an investment of almost USD 2 million, this including also the costs of innovation process, testing and implementation of the new technology, purchasing of necessary equipment and staff training for using the new processes.

 At first, the purpose is the elimination of the 120 000 tones of “historic” acid tars from the Vega Refinery from Ploieşti, a process which will be finished at the end of 2009. In parallel, Ecomaster will also provide other Romanian companies with a domestic advantageous alternative to the technologies developed and implemented in the US or Western Europe.

 “Ecomaster will invest another USD 1.7 million until the end of 2009 for application this solution for simultaneously supporting other companies’ projects which have already shown their interest. Another SUD 1.8 million are being assigned this year for the development of facilities specific to waste management activities. In this way, the Ecomaster environment investment program for 2008-2009 will reach almost USD 5.5 million, representing a decisive advantage in the company’s positioning as leader on the industrial waste management services market”, declared Romulus Ilie, General Manager of Ecomaster.

 Ecomaster Servicii Ecologice provides industrial ecologic services to over 300 companies from the oil field, machine manufacturing industry, chemical industry, etc. The services provided by Ecomaster include: processing of oil acid sludge and solid industrial waste, modernization and exploitation of the purifying stations for industrial waste waters, remedy of polluted sites, a national network for collecting waste oils and specialized advisory services concerning the environment protection. The company registered a USD 10 million turnover in 2007 and estimates an annual doubling of such until the end of 2009.