Ecomaster is investing 2 million USD in the waste treatment and storage

Ecomaster, company member of The Rompetrol Group, is continuing this year its development plan for the industrial waste storage and treatment park Ecopark, the investment value reaching approximately 2 million USD. Ecopark is situated nearby Ploiesti, in  Arciestii Rahtivani.

“The continued investment is part of Ecomaster’s development strategy, to become the main supplier of industrial ecological services for the industrial waste generators in Romania. To this extent, the development of Ecopark is natural and comes to aid our partners, the company having approximately 40 ongoing contracts for the collection, treatment and final storage of the hazardous  waste”, states Romulus Ilie, general manager of Ecomaster.

This year’s works will consists in the development of new facilities of hazardous waste treatment and the construction of a new storage module, of approximately 35.000 mc (15% of the total capacity). The total projected capacity of the park is approximately 1 million cubic meters (4 cells of 240.000 cm) on an area of 14.5 hectares, the company finalizing in August 2010 the first module of 35.000 cm.

“The interest and trust shown by the clients for the services offered by Ecopark have been over our expectations, and amongst our clients we can count now companies such as ArcelorMittal Galati, Timken Romania or Monbat. For the finalization of the project, we’re estimating a 7 year period and an investment of circa 12 million USD”, adds Romulus Ilie.

The usefulness of the services offered by Ecomaster, through Ecopark, was recently acknowledged by vote, being designated as winner project of the year at the section “Development of clean technologies – hazardous waste category”, within the Infomediu Europe Gala 2010. The event was supported by the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), Environment Administration Fund and the National Environment Guard.

Ecopark offers complete industrial waste ecological services, their collection, treatment and landfilling being carried out in attune with all the internal and international norms concerning prevention and protection of the population in the area, as well as the environment. The company is estimating the collection and treatment of an annual quantity of 30.000 – 40.000 tons of industrial waste, taking into account the lack of compliant storage spaces on the market, as well as the demand coming from the companies that want to benefit from the integrated ecological services. Moreover, the modern technologies developed by Ecomaster could allow  in the future to recover part of the total quantity of the treated waste and to reutilize them in future industrial processes.

The investments carried out by the company between 2008 and 2010 have reached a total value of 4.5 million USD and followed the development of their own waste treatment technologies and especially of the integrated solution, Ecopark. These investments will support the company’s strategy in 2011, which is to double its turnover compared to the level registered in 2010, to approximately 6 million USD.