Fill&Go Fixed Unit 9 cubic metres, a new product for commercial fleets

Rompetrol Downstream, Rompetrol Group’s Retail Division launches Fill&Go Fixed Unit, a new product for vehicle fleets with a monthly fuel consumption between 15 and 40 cubic metres. With a capacity of 9 cubic metres, Fill&Go Fixed Unit tank can be placed within the precinct of the client companies, Rompetrol ensuring the necessary fuel delivery in maximum 24 hours from the receiving of the order.

„Rompetrol continues to develop new integrated business solutions, that meet clients’ needs for a better efficientcy and management of the vehicle fleets. Fill&Go Fixed Unit 9 cubic metres belongs to this category and ensures both the total control of fuelling operations by means of a performant monitoring system, and the direct acces to the fuel source, located on the client’s property” states Eric Kish, Retail Vice-President Rompetrol Group.

Fill&Go Fixed Unit 9 cubic metres is equipped with the Fill&Go system, that offers a real time monitoring of the vehicle fleet, of the fuelling operations or of the existent stock. The costs for installation are minimum, the company ensuring the transport and the installation of the tank in the chosen location.

After a 3 year period, the tank becomes the client’s property, and they can further chose to work with Rompetrol for the maintenance operations. During the entire period of the contract, the clients benefit of advantageous financial conditions for fuelling.

The new product completes the portfolio of mobile Rompetrol stations, alongside Fill&Go Fixed Unit 20 cubic metres, launched last year for commercial fleets with a monthly fuel consumption of 60 cubic metres.

Fill&Go Fleet Management was launched in 2004 and includes: Fill&Go Business card, Fill&Go Ring, Fill&Go EasyRing, Fill&Go Fuel Control aplication, Fill&Go Fixed Unit and Fill&Go Vehicle Control. By means of these services, Rompetrol ensures its clients – companies with vehicle fleets of all sizes – integrated business solutions, that meet their needs and contribute to the maximization of their profits.