Kazakh Film Days – 5th edition

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, in partnership with KMG International, presents the fifth edition of the Kazakh Film Days. Two art films released in 2019 and 2018, depictive for Kazakh cinema, will be screened for the Romanian cinephile public, during one of the largest events of this type, hosted by the Elvire Popesco cinema on the 11th and 12th of December.

“I believe that cultural cooperation is a key to enlarge all spheres of relations between countries. This event is a great opportunity to present the Kazakh culture, our history and traditions for the Romanian cinephile audience. By organizing this Kazakh Film Days on the eve of the celebration of 28 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we aim to bring the Kazakh and Romania nations close together.” His Excellency Mr. Nurbakh Rustemov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania.

“The Romanian-Kazakh cultural partnership has become an important pillar for our community involvement projects for the past 11 years. We have supported many cultural projects related to the Romanian and Kazakh culture and we continue to contribute to the harmonious development of future generations by supporting education through promotion of culture." Alexey Golovin, Chief Officer, Legal and Corporate Affairs, KMG International.

During the two days of the event, the following films will be screened:

Wednesday, December 11, 8:30 PM- Kazakh Khanate - Golden Throne (2019)

Thursday, December 12, 8:30 PM - Deep well (2018)

The trailer of the event can be watched here.

At the end of the “Kazakh Khanate” screening, film critic Irina Margareta Nistor will hold a Q&A session for the audience.

The partners of the event are the French Institute / Cinematographer Elvire Popesco and the Kazakhfilm Studio. Tickets (10 lei) can be purchased from the cashiers of the Elvire Popesco cinema or online from the ticketing sites. Entrance is free on December 11, at the opening gala of the event.


KMG International has developed, for more than 12 years, projects that promote the Romanian culture and identity in Kazakhstan (through partnership with Dacia Association - founded by Kazakhs of Romanian ancestry, living in the Karaganda region from Kazakhstan), as well as the Kazakh culture in Romania through events such as the Leyla Mahat exhibition – HERE I AM, the publication of Kazakh well-known writer Abay Kunanbaev in Romanian, Astana City Festival at the village Museum Dimitrie Gusti. The Group supports and promotes, through the partnership with organizers of George Enescu International Contest - young talents, laureates of Kazakh origin of the George Enescu International Contest (Erzhan Kulibaev - violin, Amir Tebenikhin - piano).


About Kazakhstan

The rich history of this state situated in Central Asia dates back to the times when Nomadic tribes populated the region, but it was only at the beginning of the fifteenth century when the Kazakh identity came into being. Kazakh culture has been shaped by the nomadic pastoral lifestyle, with Islamic and Turkic, as well as modern influences (Russian and Chinese) playing a part in its development.

Currently, the Republic of Kazakhstan is ranked the ninth largest country in the world, having a diversified population of over 130 ethnic groups. The country is the number one economy in Central Asia, holding 60% of the region’s GDP. Its capital, Nur-Sultan, having over 1 million inhabitants, is one of the most modernized cities in the region and home to many futuristic buildings designed by renowned architects.