KMG International supports the Regional Blood Transfusion Center

KMG International continues its commitment to support the Romanian public healthcare system, by donating new equipment to the Regional Blood Transfusion Center in Constanta, meant to increase the technical capacity of the medical institution. The acquisition of the equipment amounted to 65,000 RON.

"Last year, during the celebrations of 100 years of Romania, we made a promise to the community of Constanta: we pledged for the continuation of our involvement in improving the quality of life in the region. For the local community of Constanta, healthcare represents a top priority. Therefore, our support for the Regional Blood Transfusion in Constanta, a medical institution that saves lives daily, was imperative for the entire community and we feel very privileged to contribute to such an important cause." Alexey Golovin, VP, KMG International.

The donation includes a platelet agitator used for platelet concentrates storage and a hemo-mixer for whole blood collection, critical equipment for a blood transfusion center, EC marked and compliant with specific European standards; it is a contribution to the medical team’s efforts to ensure compliance of blood transfusion activities carried out by the blood transfusion center of Constanta.

“Our blood transfusion center plays an essential role in saving the lives of people who are in desperate need of blood transfusions. The need for blood is a constant in the healthcare sector. This donation will not only increase the technical capacity of our blood transfusion center, it will also contribute to our efforts to increase quality and safety of the blood components we are providing to all hospitals in the county. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of KMG International, who came to us to discover our needs and supported us accordingly.” Dr. Alina Mirella Dobrotă, Regional Blood Transfusion Center of Constanţa.

The equipment will be inaugurated this month and it will enter in function shortly after. A blood transfusion awareness campaign will be carried out in Petromidia, as the equipment is installed.

About Regional Blood Transfusion Center of Constanta

The first blood collection and storage center in Constanţa was established in 1955. Since 1992, it has become a public health entity, Regional Blood Transfusion Center; it has progressively developed, becoming a landmark institution both in the blood transfusion field and among the medical institutions in the county. It has a unique strategic function at county level, ensuring the blood components stock. Today, an average of 50 whole blood units is processed daily in this health institution, allowing an efficient and optimal use of the collected blood: up to 10 different blood components, each with its own storage requirements are produced. The overall activity is patient orientated, the work schedule being adapted to hospital needs in terms of ensuring a diversity of blood components. Thus, the committed medical team, working in well-equipped laboratories is ensuring a reduced turn-around time to release the blood components daily prepared to the 14 hospitals from Constanta county.

For over 10 years, the Regional Blood Transfusion Center has been organizing mobile collection activities in various facilities in Constanta county to be closer to the citizens in different areas and to give them the opportunity to donate even if they live far from its headquarters. Since 2000, the center has collected over 10,000 blood bags annually from donors in Constanta region. In 2018, 13,118 bags were collected. The overall goal of the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre is to achieve regional self-sufficiency in blood components relying on collecting blood from Constanta county people.

Our contribution to the Romanian healthcare sector

Over past decade, KMG International has invested more than USD 4 million in the public healthcare system, so that members of the communities where the Group operates in to benefit from quality medical services. Investments in the medical sector, one of the strategic directions of the Group, concerned the modernization and equipping 60 medical units in the country, ameliorating health services for more than 2 million people.

Throughout the years, the Group has provided JetA1 fuel for aero-medical helicopters, mobile training centers, uniforms for volunteers, medical equipment, as well as investments in the rehabilitation and endowment of various medical facilities across the country and Emergency Situations training centers in Romania.

Furthermore, KMG International has been actively involved in supporting the Romanian healthcare system, through its long-standing partnership with the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) & the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU), as well as through its consistent investments in healthcare-related projects across the country.

About KMG International

KMG International is a durable investor in the Romanian economy, being at the same time a corporate responsible citizen. Among our strategic partnerships with the civil society, we mention the support of SMURD, the Civil Society Gala, the George Enescu Festival and International Competition.

Owned by KazMunayGas Kazakhstan, KMG International conducts major operations in refining and petrochemicals, retail, trading, upstream and industrial services in 12 main markets. In Romania, the Group operates Petromidia Năvodari refinery, with a processing capacity of 5 million tons per year, Vega Ploiesti Refinery – the oldest unit of its kind in operation since 1905, but also a fuels distribution network of over 740 distribution points, 230 LPG supply stations, 9,000 distribution points for gas tanks and 3 LPG bottling stations, 7 warehouses.

The overall investments of KMG International in Romania amount to USD 4 billion, while the contributions paid to the state budget amount to over USD 16 billion, in the period 2007-2018.

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