Rominserv, 4 million USD contract for water supply works in four towns

Rominserv – the general contractor of The Rompetrol Group, will finish by 2013 the drinking water supply system in four Prahova county towns, the estimated value of all works being 4 million USD. The company has been selected as the winner by public auction organized by the Local Councils from the towns of Brebu, Aluniş, Vărbilău and Slănic.

“By winning this public auction, Rominserv demonstrates technical capacity to extend its services in new fields of activities, such as infrastructure, where experience in implementing “turnkey” project is necessary, projects that the company has been developing for over 9 years in the two refineries, Petromidia and Vega, as the general contractor of The Rompetrol Group”, states the general manager of Rominserv, Bogdan Oslobeanu.

These project‘s scope is to implement a micro zonal system that will supply drinking water to four towns in Prahova county, towns stretching on a 39.2 km length (approximately 25.000 inhabitants – the towns of Brebu, Aluniş, Vărbilău and Slănic). The investment also includes mounting four metallic tanks of 100, 200 and 500 cubic meters, as well as two water pumping units.

At this time, Rominserv has ongoing infrastructure projects that are worth approximately 3 million USD, consisting in sewage systems, new water supply systems, rehabilitation and extension of existing water supply system. Besides this infrastructure projects, Rominserv will complete at the end of this year the construction of four storage tanks for vegetable oil, based on a 2.1 million USD agreement with Prio Extracţie, a company of PRIO SGPS S.A.*. These storage tanks are part of an extraction plant which will provide the raw material for the internal production of biodiesel of Prio Group, as well as for consumption oil production.
The company also coordinated between 20th of September – 1st of November the works related to the scheduled general overhaul for Rompetrol Rafinare and Rompetrol Petrochemicals, having under supervision over 25 subcontractors, with over 2.500 people of different qualifications. The successful completion of these works generates a growth of the quality of the products in low cost conditions, as well as a mechanical availability index of the installations of over 97%.

Rominserv estimates for this year a turnover of approximately 200 million USD, 13% more compared to the similar period of 2009, of approximately 177 million USD. The company has three branches in Romania (Năvodari, Ploieşti and Zalău) and two subsidiaries (Palplast Sibiu and Rominservices Therm Mangalia), and at the beginning of 2008 it opened a new subsidiary in Kazakhstan, Rominserv Kazakhstan.

* PRIO SGPS S.A. is a subsidiary of Martifer Group