Rominserv Valves Iaifo Zalau, 500,000 USD worth investments in 2011

Rominserv Valves Iaifo Zalau, member of The Rompetrol Group, has completed in 2011 invesments worth 500,000 USD, especially for optimizing the production feeds and reducing the resources consumption, as well as increasing the protection of the environment.

“ Investments are part of the company strategy of developing the production of valves and fittings, both for increasing the operational efficency and reducing the environmetal and community impact. The total value of the investments made during 2006-2010 rises to 3.5 million USD, which will add over 540,000 USD during 2011-2012 for environmental investments” states Ioan David, general manager Rominserv Valves IAIFO Zalau.

By purchasing two new helical compressors, the company will reduce with approximatively 25% (electricity consumption and industrial water, maintenance and spare parts). To those are added the rehabilitation and upgrading of instalations and buildings, the total costs of production will decrease with 10% .

Rominserv Valves continued this year the implementation of environmental policy commitments, of reducing and prevent the impact of operational activities, but also to identify and evaluate/eliminate the potential environmental problems. Thus, the company has designed and conducted a series of capture instalations and tratment facilities for powder emissions, which will allow monitoring, the reduction of emissions and the increase of the environmental level of protection whitin Iaifo platform.

In this respect, the company has allocated between 2006-2010 the amount of 900,000 USD, one of the project represents the closing and greening in 2009 the industrial waste landfill in Criseni village.

Rominserv Valves Iaifo Zalau recorded between January-August 2011 a turnover of over 6 million USD and estimate to achieve until the end of the year a total of 10 million USD, risen with 20% during same frame time in 2010. In the same period, the company achieved an operational result of 120,771 USD, up to 27% from the result recorded in the same period of 2010. The result is supported, besides existing partnerships, by the development campaign of Petromidia refinery to 5 million tons of raw material, where RIS Iaifo provided most of the fittings for the new projects, as well as the partnerships extention for fittings production with the companies GEA Grasso Germany, POLNA Poland, SYSMEC Romania, ZAMKON Poland etc.

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