Rompetrol – 5 years of support for SMURD

Rompetrol Refinery, part of KMG International, together with SMURD Foundation and Air Force Inspectorate continues the partnership for supporting emergency medical interventions by air, transportation of personnel and victims. The value of Rompetrol investment exceeds 750.000 USD during 5-year partnership.   

“The company continues to provide also in 2014 certain amount of Jet A1 fuel needed for the helicopters operating in Bucharest and Targu Mures, involved in emergency medical interventions. We are concerned about the welfare of the community, where we operate, that is why, we have been constantly investing in Romanian healthcare; in the last 5 years only we implemented 55 projects having the subject matter the equipment and rehabilitation of some healthcare facilities from rural and urban areas”, stated Alexey Golovin, Managing Director Corporate Development & Communication of KMG International / Rompetrol.      

„The partnership with Rompetrol is undoubtedly one of the most important projects undertaken by SMURD Foundation. On the other hand, the direct collaboration with Air Force Inspectorate has very tangible results, which means – saving as many lives as possible. By mutual efforts of these three institutions and through their professional representatives, we are on the way to accomplish our main goal: providing emergency medical assistance to patients in critical condition, who need fast intervention at a professional level.” declared Mr. Raed Arafat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMURD Foundation.

Since 2008, the Mobile Emergency, Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD)  has been performing emergency interventions by air at the national level, thus contributing to transportation and rescuing of more than 5.000 injured people. In 2013, the operation points providing air medical services, the beneficiary of Rompetrol sponsorship, performed 1974 interventions (double in comparison with 2012), reaching 3922 total flight hours.

Air Force Inspectorate has an important contribution by operating SMURD helicopters during interventions, as well as providing fast access to the emergency site by using all its territorial structures. 

The JetA1 fuel is designed for helicopters and airplanes and has been produced by Petromidia Refinery since 1984, being certified in accordance with the applicable standards in this field. 

KMG International/ Rompetrol is actively involved in social responsibility projects through its platform "Energia vine din suflet" (Energy from the soul), which incorporates the national program „Împreună pentru fiecare” (Together for each and everyone) and other environment protection, healthcare and cultural projects. 87 projects were implemented in the past 5 years in all the regions of Romania; the total amount of the investment exceeding 1.250.000 USD, for the direct support of 300,000 people. The Group takes part also in charity and sponsorship activities, collaborating with Civil Society Gala and as partner of the prestigious „George Enescu” International Festival, etc., the total amount of CSR investment at the Group level exceeding 1,5 million USD.  


Communication and PR Department
KMG International/ Rompetrol