Rompetrol continues the partnership with SMURD in 2012

The Rometrol Group, “Fundatia pentru SMURD” (SMURD Foundation) and General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAv) continues in 2012 the partnership for sustaining the air emergency interventions, fast moving of medical personnel and the victims’ transportation.


As part of this collaboration, The Rompetrol Group through Rompetrol Rafinare, assures the fuel – Jet A1 type for the three helicopters from Bucharest, Targu Mures and Arad.


“This strategic partnership started in 2010 and shows our support for the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication’s helicopters fuel consumption, in order to facilitate emergency air interventions and saving lives. Our commitment to support the medical sector in Romania by equipping and rehabilitating medical units and through fuel donations meant to support medical services, is a natural gesture for a large company, constantly concerned with improving the social aspects of the communities in which it activates”, declares Gavit Kurkimov, Vice President of the Business Development Division of the Rompetrol Group.


“By its very nature, the partnership with Rompetrol Group, is definetely one of the most important projects made through “Fundatia pentru SMURD” (SMURD Foundation). Also, the collaboration with the General Inspectorate for Aviation (IGAv) has a tangible result – saving as many lives as possible. Through the effort od all these three institutions and their professionalism, we accomplish our most important goal – offering medical emergency servicea to patients in critical conditions, who need a fast intervention with high professionalism”, declares Raed Arafat, President of the Managing Board – “Fundaţia pentru SMURD” (SMURD Foundation).


Starting with the year 2008, the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) has carried out air emergency interventions at national level, thus contributing to the transportation and saving of a number of 2470 injured people. In 2012, through three air medical operating centers beneficiary of the sponsorship provided by the Rompetrol Group, 978 interventions were performed, amounting to 1569 flight hours, more than in 2011 when 835 interventions were performed, amounting to 1315 flight hours.


The General Inspectorate of Aviation has an important contribution to these SMURD actions by operating the three helicopters, as well as by ensuring rapid access during interventions by using all its territorial structures.
“Through this solid partnership that continues in 2012, with the help of The Rompetrol Group and SMURD Foundation, the General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAv), as an air operator for SMURD, succeeds every day and saves human lives. We express a sincere gratitude for the trust and involvement proven by our partners in this initiative”, declares Gral. Dorel Gradinaru, General Inspectorate of Aviation


The Rompetrol Group is actively involved in social responsibility programs through its platform “Energy comes from the geart”. This platform includes the national program "Together for each and everyone" and other projects in the field of environment protection and healthcare. In the last three years 55 community intervention projects were implemented in all Romanian counties, with an investment of 750,000 USD for the direct benefit of 200,000 persons. Moreover, The Rompetrol Group is involved in charity and sponsorship activities, having collaborations with Ovidiu Rom Asociation, Civil Society Gala, or being a partner of the prestigious “George Enescu” International Festival.


About Rompetrol Group:
The Rompetrol Group N.V. is a multinational oil company headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, operating in 12 countries, and with the majority of its assets and operations based in France, Romania, Spain, and South-East Europe. The group is active primarily in refining, marketing and trading, with additional operations in exploration and production, and other oil industry services such as drilling, EPCM, and transportation. TRG aims to become one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe and obtain a strong position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean areas.


About “Fundatia pentru SMURD” (SMURD Foundation):
By promoting transparency and professionalism, SMURD Foundation wishes to contribute to improve life’s quality of the people that work and live in Romania. Its purpose is focused on supporting SMURD activity and for this matter on developing of an integrated national system of medical assistance, emergency techniques and strong first aid (through lasting partneships between different state institutions and responsable and eager to involve companies).


With the help of “2% for SMURD” campaig, SMURD was able to purchase fuel reservoires for equipping the existing bases off for helicopters from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Mures, Tulcea and Craiova. Also, with the help of this campaign, the SMURD Foundation has in its plans the acquisition of a medical aircraft in 2012.


About General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAv):
The General Inspectorate of Aviation (IGAv) is part of Public Order and Safety Department of the Ministry of Administration and Interior and is specialized in executing the flight missions, with humanitarian character, independent or in cooperation, for supporting M.A.I. structures or for supporting the community. As an air operator for SMURD, IGAv ‘s activity is sustained by O.U.G. nr. 126/2006, and is accomplished by its aero medical stations located in Bucharest, Targu Murs and Iasi. The missions’ specific is emergency air transport and also high emergency interventions on the spot.