Rompetrol Downstream opens two new Litro stations on A2

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of the Rompetrol Group, has inaugurated two new gas stations under the Litro brand on the Sun Highway, at kilometer 88, the total investment amounting to approximately USD 6 million. Thus, together with the first two gas stations on A2 (at kilometer 139), opened at the end of August, the total investment in the new Litro gas stations presently amounts to USD 13 million.

The new Litro stations at kilometer 88 are provided with modern equipment, such as the equipment for the reduction of energy consumption and fuel vapor emissions into the atmosphere, as well as additives for reducing noxious emissions. Moreover, the filling stations have the same innovative design that can also be found in the other two stations opened at the end of August under the same brand. Also, Litro offers wireless internet services to the customers who want to be permanently connected to information sources, with unlimited access, at any time of day.

The new stations are based on a concept developed by the Saffron company, one of the most important international branding companies, and the project implementation was carried out by Rominserv, the general contractor of the Rompetrol Group.

The investment in all the four Litro gas stations on the Sun Highway has created 74 new jobs.
During January – September 2009, the retail division of the Rompetrol Group, Rompetrol Downstream, opened 17 new gas stations (6 own Rompetrol stations, 9 Rompetrol Expres and 2 Litro stations), following a total investment of about USD 19 million, creating approximately 210 new jobs. At present, Rompetrol Downstream is operating 745 filling stations at national level (129 own stations, 169 Partener stations, 161 Rompetrol Expres stations, 154 internal stations and 132 tanks).

During the above-mentioned period, Rompetrol Downstream introduced the new range of premium fuels, the Alto101 gasoline and the Alto55 diesel, which ensure a better ignition of the vehicle, an uniform engine run at idling speed and a vibration-free engine run at high speed, as well as fast engine response under demanding conditions - overtakes, climbing slopes, large loads. In March, the company launched QProTek-t, the first program in Romania guaranteeing optimal engine run for vehicles using the Efix and Alto fuels.

Department of Communication and Public Affairs

The Rompetrol Group