Rompetrol Downstream « turns » 250 stations

Rompetrol Downstream opened the 250th filling station belonging to its network. Located close to Bucharest, at Chiajna, the new investment totals some USD 1.5 million and created 17 new jobs.

“The growth of the fuel distribution netwok has a significant contribution to the increase of the Rompetrol brand awareness in Bucharest and throughout the country. At present, we have 11 gas stations in Bucharest and want to reach about 16 by the year’s end,” stated Paul Pop, Rompetrol Downstream CEO.

Chiajna station provides the ”Fill&Go” Business” system intended for companies, via components ”Fill&Go Card” and ”Fill&Go Ring”. The new station offers also ”Fill&Go Personal, a fast payment instrument for natural entities, which is aimed at avoiding cash register congestion – because payment is done only once in a month, and it is done in a safe manner, allowing for control of each and every transaction. Rompetrol is the only company on the market offering this service.

Furthermore, the gas station has a “Hei” restaurant, for consumers who want to relax after filling the tank. The “Hei” concept – retail outlet, restaurant and Internet point – was launched last September in Timişoara. All Rompetrol stations located in major cities will take advantage of the concept by the turn of the year.

“Quality of services provided to clients is our first concern, and the highly successful systems we introduced display tangible evidence as to our achievements and as to the fact that we always focus on customers’ needs. Ever-rising acceptance of the Fill&Go Business şi Fill&Go Personal services, the introduction of the “Hei” concept and of the multimedia system in our filling stations, the promotion campaigns and the excellent ratio between quality and a fair price all contribute to said expansion,” adds Paul Pop.

Sales of fuels and further convenience products in Rompetrol Downstream outlets went up by 39% over June-August, as compared to the similar duration of 2005.

Rompetrol Downstream currently has a retail market share of some 15%, and forecasts a rise to 20% by the end of 2007. In August, Rompetrol Downstream, in partnership with Rominserv, the Group’s general contractor, launched “Rompetrol Express” – the first moble fuel distribution station. The company will operate some 500 stations by year end. The retail division of The Rompetrol Group envisages a turnover of USD 685 million for this year, translating into a 37% increase vs. 2005.