Rompetrol Downstream will sell diesel oil with 3 % biodiesel

Rompetrol Downstream, the retail division of Rompetrol Group, will introduce as of 1st of January 2008 in the network it operates diesel oil with 3% biodiesel. This type of diesel oil is based on the Efix Diesel (Euro 4) assortment, it respects the European standard of quality EN 14 214, assuring, at the same time, the protection of the engine and the diminishing of the hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide emissions.

“Biofuels emit with over 90% less carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds, and the biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that fully meets the ecological requests. The continuous improvement of the products and the diversification of the Rompetrol services, as well as the anticipation of the clients’ needs, lead to their constant growth – both natural persons as well as commercial fleets” says Dan Roşu, general manager of Rompetrol Downstream.

The Petromidia Refinery presently produces Euro 5 diesel oil, too, fuel that is sold in the Rompetrol stations as Super Diesel Euro 5. The Rompetrol Group already has the capacity to produce and sell Euro 5 diesel oil with 5% biodiesel, compulsory measure in Romania as of 2009.

We remind you that Rompetrol has assigned 7 million USD in 2006, in order to start the Automated Diesel In Line Blending Installation, which ensures a superior quality of the products and supplied biodiesels.
Rompetrol Downstream operates a network of over 350 gas stations at national level and it is the first one to sell, ever since 2003, exclusively fuels at Euro standards. The wholesale activity of the company develops through 7 storehouses (Arad, Craiova, Mogoşoaia, Năvodari, Şimleul Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei, Zărneşti), which through their strategical positioning covers, operationally speaking, the entire surface of the contry.

 The assortments of fuels available as of January the 1st 2008 in the entire Rompetrol network will be the following: Efix (unleaded gasoline with octane value 95, Euro 4 standard), Efix Diesel cu 3% Biodiesel (Euro 4 standard), Premium E4 (gasoline with octane value 95, Euro 4 standard), Super Euro 98 (unleade gasoline with with octane value 98, Euro 4 standard) and Super Diesel Euro 5.