Rompetrol launches first credit card

IFN FinGroup Credit S.A., a member of The Rompetrol Group, launches tomorrow, April 4th, the Fill& Go Credit card issued under the MasterCard license. The card may be used for purchases or for cash withdrawals.

 Furthermore, Fill&Go Credit offers price cuts for most products and services provided in Rompetrol filling stations and by a series of companies associated with the launch - Augsburg International, AutoClub Contact, Com Nico Serv, Allianz Þiriac Asigurări, Delta Electronic Service, and Sunset Holidays.

 The new product provides special incentives and may be used both at home and abroad, wherever the MasterCard logo is on display. The maximum card credit line is EUR 10,000 (RON equivalent).

 The first 3,000 clients applying for Fill&Go Credit won't pay issuance charge and annual administration charge in the first year.

 A grace period of 45 days with 0% interest will be granted for transactions carried out with retailers, if the equivalent worth of said operations will be paid in full upon maturity. The minimum amount to be paid on due date is 5% of the aggregate amount used from the credit line. The card may also be used for internet-based payments.

 Drivers filling in Rompetrol Downstream stations will enjoy additional benefits: card owners will have 0.4% price decrease for fuel purchases, and will enjoy a 5% cut for car wash services provided in filling stations and for products purchased from “Hei” convenience stores (except for tobacco, alcohol, phone cards, and newspapers).

 “All incentives Rompetrol and partner companies provide our customers with are a permanent trait of the new product, which completes the concept profile of this card intended for drivers. Card owners can save money when requiring motor services, upon purchasing spare parts, car accessories, or upon concluding insurance policies,” stated  IFN FinGroup Credit director Cristiana Niculescu.

Interested people can receive advice for filling in and filing the printed forms in most filling stations displaying the “Fill& Go” logo. Details for earning the card may furthermore be found starting with tomorrow at or by dialing 0800 0800 08 (toll free).

 S.C. IFN FinGroup Credit S.A. was established in January 2006 and its line of business is to provide loans to natural entities, with a view to capitalize on the opportunities existing in the Romanian consumer loans market. The company furthermore aims at launching new cards, in a number of areas of interest and in line with consumers’ demands.
 Rompetrol Downstream launched the Fill&Go service for legal entities in 2004. Last year, Rompetrol launched Fill&Go Personal – the first service in Romania allowing natural entities to pay fuel directly at the fuel dispenser. Currently Rompetrol Downstream operates an approximately 300-strong filling stations network.