Rompetrol – New major investment in Arad County

The Rompetrol Group continues to enhance its presence in Arad County by opening a new liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling station in Vladimirescu commune (15 km from Arad).

The total value of the investment is over $10 million and will allow both the doubling of the production capabilities and the expansion of Rompetrol products in the Western area of Romania. Currently, The Rompetrol Group, by Rompetrol Gas – its entity specialized in LPG sales, owns and operates a similar station in Navodari.

The new station in Arad has over 125 employees and an annual filling capacity of 20,000 tons of LPG.

“The investment will support the objective of Rompetrol Gas of becoming an important player on the domestic LPG market in 2008, an intention which is also supported by the completion this year of a new filling station in Bacau, with similar characteristics to the one in Arad”, declares Toma Veron, General Manager of Rompetrol Gas.

Rompetrol Gas estimates for this year a turnover of about $100 million, increasing compared to 2007, when it was $54 million. At the end of last year the company had a market share of 8%, intending to reach at least 21% in the following period by significant investments in the supply chain and in promoting new products, attracting new clients and new applications, as well as by offering high-quality services.

Currently Rompetrol owns in Arad County 4 gas stations (3 in Arad and 1 in Savarsin) and an oil product storage facility in Vladimirescu commune, its total number of employees being 240. In view of developing its fuel supply chain and its presence in Arad, in 2008 the company intends to build other 13 new stations, out of which 10 will be Expres stations.