The Rompetrol Group supports the Earth Hour

The Rompetrol Group will turn off the lights on the 31st of March in its own gas-stations and offices all over the country for a one hour period between 20:30 and 21:30 as a sign of solidarity with the worldwide event the Earth Hour.


“We respect the environment we live in and where we develop our activities and for this reason we support this international initiative for perceiving climatic problems the Earth is facing at the present moment and for understanding the individual or organizational impact on the planet. In this respect we recommend to all our colleagues and partners, as well as to entire national community, to support this event and identify eventual measures that could contribute to the improvement and conservation of the environment. Along time we committed ourselves to CSR projects and extended investment programs in order to support the company’s development strategy and environment protection”, declares Alexey Golovin, Marketing and Communication Director of the Rompetrol Group.


This decision will not affect the security or functioning of the distribution network, as well as of other activities carried out at the working places of the Rompetrol Group member-companies that are going to support this initiative.


Rompetrol’s commitment for environment protection is also reflected at the level of the Petromidia Platform, the main asset of the Group, where the priority is to protect the Black Sea and the Siutghiol Lake, the biosphere of Danube Delta and the ecosystem of the Midia Channel, as well as of the Navodari, Corbu and Constanta localities.


The total amount of Rompetrol’s investments in environment since 2008 till the present moment is about 100 million US dollars. Amid increasing quantity processed, correlated with investment program, electricity consumption decreased by 5%, for the period 2005 to 2011. All company’s entities are monitored and actions are taken in order to improve environmental factors, in accordance with both legal requirements and quality and environment standards of the Group and the modernization of Petromidia and Vega refineries is a part of the Rompetrol’s actual priorities.


Communication and Public Relations Department