We strive to proactively be involved in the community in a variety of ways and respond to questions and concerns in a timely and transparent manner.

This is why we work closely with communities, in order to find out their needs and help them succeed. Our projects aim at leaving a mark on the communities and making a change, whether it is about health and well‑being, culture and education, skill development and leadership, or social and environmental stewardship.

Health and wellbeing


Smurd Partnership For Life

We continue to support the Romanian healthcare system through our 10 years’ partnership with SMURD & ISU.
Throughout the years, the Group has provided JetA1 fuel for aero-medical helicopters, uniforms for volunteers, medical equipment, as well as investments in the rehabilitation and endowment of various medical facilities across the country and Emergency Situations training centers in Romania. Over the 10 years of solid partnership, KMG International has invested more than USD 4 million in the public healthcare system, so that members of the communities where the Group operates in to benefit from quality medical services.

During 2017, we donated medical equipment and offered financial support to several health and safety facilities:

 ✔ Medical mannequin for first aid training in offering birth assistance donated to ISU Dobrogea;

 ✔ Mobile ECMO device (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) donated to Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, a valuable asset used by emergency and intensive care services. The medical equipment improves cardiac and pulmonary functions for patients in the intensive care unit and it is also very useful when being transported by SMURD ambulances or helicopters;

 ✔ Regional training center for qualified first aid and extrication in Constanța, set up by KMG International, where paramedics from Constanța, as well as Călăraşi, Tulcea and Ialomiţa counties, are being trained;

 ✔ Equipping the ISU / SMURD Bihor crews with a unique IT system in Romania to help with the decision-making process during emergency and extrication missions;

 ✔ Refurbishing the space where the Integrated Dispatch Center of ISU/ Neamț County Ambulance operates and equipping it with furniture, electronic equipment, modern IT and communication systems for dispatching emergency calls and coordinating intervention actions;

 ✔ Financial support from KMG International for the construction of the Oradea Emergency Hospital heliport.

The total value of the endorsements offered by KMG International exceeds 1 million euros. We are highly proud of this partnership!


“Black Sea Therapy Center for People with Autism” Foundation

In 2017, KMG International provided support to the “Black Sea Therapy Center for People with Autism” Foundation in Constanța, for the development of the foundation’s projects in the local community. The foundation provides recovery and rehabilitation, personal development and integrated socio-educational and socio-medical services to 82 people in their day care center.

Hospice – Casa Sperantei

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei offers both children and adults, who are diagnosed with an incurable disease, the possibility of being admitted in the accommodation facilities, the possibility of being visited at home, social assistance, psychological counseling, kinetotherapy sessions and other activities under the supervision of specialized staff in the day centers.

From 2013, KMG International and Hospice – Casa Sperantei have been partners in offering both children and adults better care and life conditions, developing together the infrastructure needed in order to do so.

Association for Dravet and other forms of rare epilepsy

We have offered support to the „Association for Dravet and other forms of rare epilepsy”, a NGO that aims to provide continuous support for the families with children affected by this kind of disease, support ranging from partial financial aid of the medical costs to different educational activities for the children at the day center and counseling sessions


“George Enescu” International Festival

The partnership signed in 2010 by KMG International and the organizers of the “George Enescu” Festival and Contest stands as a commitment to sustain the evolution of culture in Romania, with the participation of Romanian and international musicians.

The activities supported by „KMG International” within the 2017 edition of the Festival included its closing gala and the concert of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam which took place on September 24th. Part of the „Great Orchestras of the World” series, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam is considered one of the best orchestras worldwide due to its unique sound made possible with the help of the 120 artists from over 20 countries.

The Kazakh Film Festival

KMG International is actively involved in cultural programs and projects designed to promote the social and cultural values of Romania and Kazakhstan, both nationally and internationally. In this respect, bringing the Kazakh Film Festival to Romania was a very inspired idea, one appreciated by cinema goers. Taking into consideration the rich and proud history of Kazakhstan and its incredibly diverse population of over 130 ethnic groups, KMG International, together with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, organized the Kazakh Film Festival in Bucharest, an event that greatly contributed to the cultural exchange between the two countries.


Social & environmental stewardship


We strive to support social causes through a wide variety of events. Rompetrol Run and Care, our charitable cross reached its the fourth edition in 2017, to raise funds for “HOSPICE Casa Speranţei” Foundation and the “Association for Dravet and other Rare Epilepsies”.

Throughout the years, more than 3,000 KMG International employees, namely more than half of the Groups’ headcount, donated time and effort to support various social, environmental, health and educational initiatives for the benefit of the community, such as M.A.M.E. Association or MagiCamp, NGO’s that improve the quality of life for children with cancer and other serious diseases.

Civil Society Gala

During our 15-year partnership, the Civil Society Gala and KMG International have supported the implementation of projects that changed lives, mentalities, expectations and attitudes, improving the overall well-being of countless local communities.

In 2017, the focus of the projects submitted was education and health, important issues that have been inscribed into KMG International’s sustainable practices. Alexey Golovin, Vice President of KMG International awarded the winner of the edition, “Dăruiește Aripi” Association for its project to build a Pediatric Onco- Hematology and Rheumatology Section within the Constanța County – Day Care Center for FOCUS children. This is the only unit of its kind serving South‑East of Romania, were over 400 children were granted access to specialized treatment in 2016.

166 projects and programs implemented in previous years by 119 non-profit, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and individuals were included in the 2017 edition of the Civil Society Gala competition.

Green spaces for local communities

Our employees’ dedication to bring their contribution and leave their mark on their communities never ceases to bring us pride. One such moment was provided to us by 70 employees working on the Petromidia platform who decided to take their time and test their landscaping skills for Năvodari inhabitants to benefit from a new green area in the heart of their town.

Support for weightlifting federations


KMG International has been encouraging performance in sport, providing its support either through refurbishing or building sports centers for school children, or by supporting federations in sports like football, polo, tennis or judo. Although less known than the abovementioned, weightlifting is also on KMG International’s radar, as the Group has been encouraging the development and high performance in this sport for several years know.

Stemming from the Group’s belief in the close connection between business and sports, given the dedication and hard work required for success, KMG International decided to not only continue, but actually consolidate its support to the development and preparation of weightlifting athletes and coaches.

While KMG International, through its Rompetrol brand, has been a constant supporter of Romanian, Georgian and Kazakh Weightlifting Federations, in 2017, the Group extended its sponsorship to federations in Bulgaria, Moldova and Turkey.

Furthermore, starting May 2017, the CEO of KMG International and the president of Kazakh Weightlifting Federation, Zhanat Tussupbekov, was elected vice president of the International Weightlifting Federation.